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User Charges:

Instrument Usage Charges

There are user charges to partially recover the "operational and maintenance" cost of the instrument. The co-ordination committee decides the charges with certain rationale and reviews and revises the same periodically. The present "Instrument Usage Charge" effective from 1st July, 2015 till further notification is shown below:



User Category

*Charge per
slot of 3 hours analysis time#

Analysis with depth profiling to be charged hourly basis


Users from IITK Academic Community

Rs. 1000

Rs.600 per hour


Users from Academic Institution

Rs. 3000 + Service tax**

Rs. 1800 per hour + Service tax**


Users from any Government funded National laboratory

Rs. 5000 + Service tax**

Rs. 3000 per hour + Service tax**


Users from any industry or private laboratory

Rs. 10,000 + Service tax**

Rs. 6000 + Service tax**

Payment by DD at the time of submission of samples for analysis is expected from outside IITK users.

* Minimum charge/slot period that can availed. Charges for Fraction of hour: <20 minutes to be waived and >20 mins to be pro-rated for one hour charge.
**Service tax as per GOI norms.
# Analysis time excludes handling, pre-evacuation and work chamber vacuum recovery time which takes about 1 hour in normal situations. Analysis time in the position location and run-time for data acquisition. It will be the responsibility of the users to bring appropriately prepared sample and avoid excessive degassing inside the chamber.
Any sample degassing for more than 2 hours after insertion into the chamber will be stopped and analysis aborted.  Only 50% charges will be collected on these aborted sessions.
$ Users need to specify the resolution of analysis required in the requisition form.  Judgement on the maximum time for the scan needs to be specified on slot request form.  The Chart supplied for resolution Vs time per element can be used in deciding.
Note: High resolution scans will require ~40-60 minutes per element of interest (with clear peak/signal).  A good scan for 4 elements in 2 hours is possible. Line scans, Depth profiling and mapping may take minimum of 4 hours and extended hours of scan depending on user interest.

Chart for Resolution and Run time required on data collection per Element
(Data for point scan or area scan of 1000 µm x 1000 µm)

Core level scan: Energy band of 20eV, with Pass setting of 23.5 ev

eV step



Run Time in minutes


0.050 eV

20 ms





20 ms



Fair enough


50 ms



Good quality


100 ms



Best quality