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Sample Restrictions and Requirements

We appreciate the users declare the chemical and physical composition of all samples.
Although the users interest will be completely protected, any specific request on confidentiality will be more specifically obliged with additional care. The following restrictions apply on samples:
1. Sample holders soldered with Pb not allowed. If soldering is necessary on the sample holder one should use Ag soldering.
2. No radioactive, toxic or explosive material will be accepted for analysis.
3. Analysis on thin and thick films of all kinds of oil is disallowed.
4. Thin films of molecules with low melting point, say below 80o C at ambient pressure are not allowed.
5. Loose Powder samples are acceptable but sputtering on such sample may not be undertaken.
6. All kinds of spin-coated, drop-cast samples should be properly dried and desiccated, before providing for analysis.
7. Liquid phase prepared samples (eg. LB films) should be rinsed in proper solvents and dried before submitting for analysis.
8. Sticky polymer films not allowed. If polymers need to be analyzed, they need to be spin coated and dried. However, proper self-assembled thin films (below 50 nm thickness) of polymers are allowed.
9. Thick Compact samples (green or sintered) samples with high fraction of pores/ voids are to be avoided.
10. Smaller sample dimensions are preferred. For example, sample thickness of ~1-2 mm and 5mm length/width/diameter are ideal. Although, samples are acceptable as long as it is greater than 10mm in height and 10-15mm in length/ width/ diameter.

Note: The Laboratory reserve the right to reject any accepted analysis request at its discretion in the interest. safety of the instrument and its operators.