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How to Book slots(XPS with AES modules) :

Instrument Slot Booking

For IITK Academic Community

There will be two steps involved. First step, "Request for Usage Approval" for the facility to be signed and submitted by Faculty/Academic staff. This form includes a declaration part on behalf of all users from his/her lab, to be listed individually with details. On this form the details project or account head from which the charges wil be transferred to the "Lab Development Account" of the instrument with DORD needs to be clearly mentioned. The individual names will be registered with all the details and assigned a "User Number".
The second step is to apply with form "Request for Slot Reservation" on the instrument. It is mandatory that the sample is submitted along with the slot reservation. The lab will provide with all the appropriate storage facility as per the needs of the samples. This form need not be signed by the faculty/Academic staff and the individual registered users can directly apply with his/her signature. Any first time user may have to complete the first step of getting registered before applying for slot reservation. Details of the procedure and the policy for approval and reservations are as follows.

Procedure for requesting Slot Reservation and Reservation Policy

(Applicable for IITK users only).

1. Only registered users can submit request for slot reservation.
2. Request for reservation is to be made on the specified form.
3. The form should provide all details about the analysis required on the form.
4. Sample to be studied is to be submitted along with form, neatly marked and carefully packed.
5. Requests, in person by user, will be accepted between 10-10.30 a.m Monday to Wednesday only. Avoid making requests other than this period.
6. Efforts will be made to allot booking within 2 weeks from the date of receipt request.
7. The user will be sent email or called to inform one day in advance of the sample analysis.
8. For, the best utilisation, the user is expected to be present when his/her sample is being loaded into the chamber and data acquisition parameters are selected. (initial 30-60 minutes).
9. If the users is unable to come, the sample will be loaded by the operator and scan set as per the details provided in the request form.
10.Any sample showing excessive degassing will not be analysed and the session will be terminated if within 2 hours the chamber vacuum does not recover back to normal operational pressure level. In normal cases, operating vacuum is achieved within 10- 20 minutes. For such terminated slots, 50% charged needs to be paid by the users.
11. After completion of the experiments, the samples will be returned and it will be the responsibility of users to collect the sample back within a week after the completion of analysis. One reminder with a deadline will be given before discording the sample.
12.Data of the completed scans will be copied on to a new CD and kept ready every Friday by 4.00 p.m for user’s collection. One set of each of the spectra colour print will be provided along with the data.
13.Additional data analysis and processing can be done using the system software by users on a dedicated computer kept in the lab for the purpose. This computer should be used only for XPS and AES data analysis.

Norms to be followed by users inside the Laboratory

1. Do not meddle anything in the instrument room which you are not approved off.
2. The computers inside the labs should not be used for any purpose other than data acquisition and data processing.
3. There are 2 original Hand books on XPS and AES spectral data kept in the lab. These should be used in the lab only and never taken out of the lab under any circumstances.
4. Do not entertain any visitors into the system room without prior permission.
5. No body should interrupt the persons involved in working with the lab.
6. Users working in non-working hours/non-working days should arrange for an accompanying person and avoid as for as possible working alone.
7. Tools and consumables kept in the instrument room cannot be taken out of the room.
8. Avoid irrelevant and unnecessary taking in the instrument room.
9. No foods and drinks are allowed inside the lab.
10. Avoid stinking shoes and socks into the lab premises.
11. Help us keep the instrument room clean and dust free

Any defaulter will be suspended from using the facility by the convener. The incident /case will be reported formally discussed by Coordination Committee and the decision of the Committee is binding on "Users".