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Indentation Lab

Location: ACMS 108A & 112

Instrument: Nano-Indentor with in situ Scanning probe Microscopy(SPM)
Model/Supplier: TI 750; Hysitron Ltd.

(i) Nano-Mechanical Testing System with modules mapping capability;
(ii) Nanotribology studies (e.g. scratching at different loads, wear volume, coefficient of friction)
(iii) Assay of coating lifetime
(iv) Loss and storage modules and damping measurement
(v) Indent and wear track imaging.

Instrument: Instrumented Micro-Indentation
Model/Supplier: CSM International

For Vickers and Rockwell micro-hardness testing from ambient temperature to 450DegreeCelsius .


Convener: Prof. K Balani ( Internal:6194
Co-Convener: Prof. R. Kumar ( Internal:
Lab Incharge: Kamlesh Thapliyal ( Internal:6999
Lab Staff: Mr. Rupesh Kumar Sharma ( Internal:6999