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X-Ray Diffraction Facility

Location: ACMS 106

The X-Ray Diffraction Facility in Room No. 106 at ACMS has three state of the art X-ray diffractometers which offer a wide range of materials characterization using X-rays for bulk materials, nano materials as well as thin films. The facility offers;

a) Ambient and high temperature (1400 Degree Celsius) powder/polycrystalline diffraction
b) Grazing incidence diffraction for thin films
c) Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS)

Instrument: PAN alytical XRD

Panalytical XPert for ultra-fast X-ray diffraction on bulk and powder samples using line detector (with in-situ high temperature stage, limited Small Angle X-Ray Scattering and thin film capability)

Instrument: Two Circle Diffractometer

Rigaku MiniFlex 600 for routine polycrystalline X-Ray Diffraction (phase determination, precise lattice parameter determination, crystallite size and strain determination)

How to book slots

XRD slots can only be booked online in three steps.

Click the link "Request Slots" and fill in the details as requested. You can select an empty slot upto 1 month in advance and only for week days. You can check the availability of slots using the module "Check Slot" or you can check "Booking status" to see all the slots which have already been taken.

Once you submit the request, an invoice will be generated. Please submit this invoice to Mr. d.d pal (Ph. 7814) within 48 hours. If you do not submit within this time lime, your slot will get automatically cancelled and will be open for booking again.

Lab-in-charge will then accept your booking and you can check your status at "Booking status".

Please note that we will soon make this procedure paperless, but until then you will have to submit the paper invoice.

Chairman: Prof. Gouthama, Head ACMS IIT Kanpur
Convener: Dr. Nilesh P. Gurao, MSE IIT Kanpur
Co-convener: Prof. R. Rampanicker, CHM IIT Kanpur
Member: Prof. Animangsu Ghatak, CHE IIT Kanpur
Member: Prof. P. Mohite, AE IIT Kanpur


Convener: Prof. N P Gurao( 6688
Staff: D.D Pal( Internal: 6906, 7814
Staff: Ashish Kumar Tiwari( Internal: 7814