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Mechanical Testing Lab Extension

Location: ACMS 108A & 112

Instrument: Instrumented Charpy Tester
Model/Supplier: Zwick GmbH

For notched and unnotoched sample impact testing at temperatures ranging from-196DegreeCelsius to 350DegreeCelsius.

Instument: Universal Hardness Testing Machine
Model/Supplier: FH-10; Tinius-Olsen Ltd.

For bulk hardness measurement using Rockwell, Brinnel, Vickers Indentor .


Convener: Prof. S. Shekhar ( Internal:6528
Lab Incharge: Rama Krishana ( Internal:7878
Lab Incharge: Kamlesh Thapliyal( Internal:6999
Lab Staff: Mr. Rupesh Kumar Sharma ( Internal:6999
Lab Staff: Mr. Anoop Kumar Raut ( Internal:7878