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Slow-Strain Rate Testing Facility

Location: ACMS

Slow strain rate testing (SSRT), also called constant extension rate tensile testing (CERT), is a standard method of testing of materials, often metals, in which the specimen is subjected to elongation at a constant rate. The load is varied to maintain the constant extension rate. While extended, the material is exposed to an environment (temperature, specific fluid, etc.). The method evaluates the corrosion behaviour of the material in the given environment, often the environmental effects on the material fracture or stress-corrosion cracking susceptibility. ACMS has a horizontal as well as vertical SSRT machine for testing wide range of materials under varying environments and conditions.

Instrument: Horizontal Slow strain rate Testing Facility

Instrument: Vertical Slow strain rate Testing Facility


Convener: Prof. K. Mondal ( Internal:6156
Lab Incharge: Rama Krishana( Internal:7878
Lab Staff: Mr. Anoop Kumar Raut ( Internal:7878