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Welcome to the website of the Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering. The Department came into existence in December 2020 and has association of more than twenty faculty members drawing from various disciplines who are active in various thematic areas related to the Department. More details of research activities and associated faculty profiles can be found here. The department is committed to excellence in teaching, research & development and outreach related to science, engineering, technology development and policy matters related to energy sustainability.

  • Atul Gopal, is the co-founder and trustee of three schools, which work under the Peepal Tree umbrella, was delivered a talk on "Ending the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) age"Mon, 6 June 2022, L13, 02:30 PM IST. Poster

  • Kick-Off Meeting of DST Materials MAP will be held at IIT Kanpur on 27th-28th May 2022 and will be attended by the DST officials and professors from 13 elite institutions of India.

  • Prof. Rakesh Agrawal, Distinguished Professor at Purdue University, who is also a Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Kanpur, was delivered a talk on "Engineering Solutions for a Solar Economy"on Wed, 27 Apr 2022, 04:00 PM IST. Poster

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Selected Publications
  • Local Governance in Just Energy Transition: Towards a Community-Centric Framework. Pradip Swarnakar and Mudit Kumar Singh.Published: 2022.
  • Climate Policy in Australia: Dynamics of Failure and Possibility, Australian Journal of Politics & History. Accepted, In Press. Goodman, J., da Rimini, F., & Swarnakar, P. Yla-Antilla, T. Published: 2021.
  • Development of MoO3/Au/MoO3 top transparent conducting electrode for organic solar cells on opaque substrates, Energy Technology, Accepted L.Sowjanya Pali, Jeetendra Kumar Tiwari, Nasir Ali, Subhasis Ghosh, Kanwar S Nalwa and Ashish Garg, Published: 2021.
  • The effect of dimensionality on the charge carrier mobility of halide perovskites, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 9, 21551-21575 Naveen Kumar Tailor, Yukta, Rahul Ranjan, Sudhir Ranjan, Tejasvini Sharma, Anand Singh, Ashish Garg, Kanwar Singh Nalwa, Raju Kumar Gupta, and Soumitra Satapathi, Published: 2021.
  • Size reducing rupture during growth of LnF3 (Ln = La, Lu, Y) nanocrystals due to cogeneration of structure and stress Debadrita Bhattacharya, Sayantan Sasmal, Ganesh Iyer, Sulay Saha, Anandh Subramaniam, Raj Ganesh Pala, Sri Sivakumar, Published: 2021.
  • Cross-sectional TEM investigation of Mg-LaNi5-Soot hybrids for hydrogen storage Mohammad Faisal, Kantesh Balani and Anandh Subramaniam, Published: 2021.
  • Evaluation of accuracy for Bernardi equation in estimating heat generation rate for continuous and pulse-discharge protocols in LFP and NMC based Li-ion batteries P Jindal, R Katiyar, J Bhattacharya Applied Thermal Engineering, 117794, Published: 2021.
  • Deciding between concentrated and non-concentrated photovoltaic systems via direct comparison of experiment with opto-thermal computation MK Sharma, J Bhattacharya, Renewable Energy 178, 1084-1096, Published: 2021
  • Belal Usmani, Rahul Ranjan, Prateek, Raju Kumar Gupta, Shailendra Kumar Gupta, Kanwar Singh Nalwa and Ashish Garg, Inverted PTB7-Th:PC70BM Organic Solar Cells with 11.8% PCE via Incorporation of Gold Nanoparticles in ZnO Electron Transport Layer, Solar Energy, 214, 220-230 Published: 2021
  • Characteristics of shock tube generated compressible vortex rings at very high shock Mach numbers. S. Poudel, L. Chandrala, D. Das, A. De Physics of Fluids , 2021, 33, 096105 (Featured Article). Published: 2021
  • S. R. Nanda, S. K. Karthick, T. V. Krishna, A. De, M. S. Ibrahim. On the unsteady dynamics of partially shrouded compressible jets. Experiments in Fluids, 2021, 62, 221. Published: 2021