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Welcome to the website of the Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering. The Department came into existence in December 2020 and has association of more than twenty faculty members drawing from various disciplines who are active in various thematic areas related to the Department. More details of research activities and associated faculty profiles can be found here. The department is committed to excellence in teaching, research & development and outreach related to science, engineering, technology development and policy matters related to energy sustainability.

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We are pleased to inform you that Dr. Soumyabrata Roy joined our department on 14 May 2024 as an Assistant Professor.

Departmental Events


Two Days Workshop on "Sustainable GeoCommunities Workshop" on 24-25 June 2024, Outreach Center, IIT Kanpur, Noida.
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Mr. Chaitanya Gade, Head of Sustainability Monitoring and Evaluation at Govardhan Eco Village, delivered a talk on "Exploring Sustainable Solutions: The Symbiotic Recycling Model of Govardhan Eco Village" 16th April 2024 (Tuesday), 05:30-06:30 PM, LH-14. Poster Link | Picture Link


Mr. Pawan Joshi, Senior Manager, Tata Motors, Pune, India, delivered a talk on "My experiences with the Automobile Industry" 09th April 2024 (Tuesday), 05:30-06:30 PM, Online. Poster Link


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Selected Publications

Saafan A.A, Khadkikar V, Edpuganti A, Moursi M.S.E, Zeineldin H.H., "A Novel Nonisolated Four-Port Converter for Flexible DC Microgrid Operation". IEEE.TIE. DOI: 10.1109/TIE.2023.3257360(2024).

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