Conference Venue

Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur) is one of the original four IITs set-up during the first decade after Independence to help the country leap-fog technological gap through quality engineering education and research. IIT Kanpur is one of the finest among these best in class Institutes of excellence, justly famous for its unique faculty and training, made even more famous by its alumni who are captains of Industry and academic leaders the world over.

Kanpur is located 437 Km south east of capital New Delhi, and on the River Ganges 1000 Km upstream from Calcutta. It is a quintessential Indian city of the northern heartland in the Gangetic plains. Kanpur is a highly non-linear mixture of the traditional unchanging India, and the rapidly catching-up high growth rate aspirational India. It has the power to surprise both those who are familiar and unfamiliar with Indian reality.

The 1000 acre campus, 16 Km from the main city, is green and well-laid out with modern buildings which are tasteful and inviting mindful of not cowering down your individuality with imposing structures.

For attendees with an eye on sight-seeing during the trip to this part of India can easily plan to visit some of the star attractions around Kanpur including :

    Delhi: both the historicband modern capital of India (well connected by several excellent trains, such as several Rajdhani and Shatabdi, which take 5-hours, and about dozen one hour flights from the nearby airport at Lucknow).

    Agra:The city of the Taj (two hours drive from Delhi and five hours from Kanpur)

    Lucknow: The city of eh Nawabs and their architecture, historical remains of British residency (two hours drive from Kanpur, well connected by a dozen one hour flights from Delhi)

    Jaipur: The famous city of Rajput Palaces and forts (10 hours drive by road, four hours of drive from Agra and Delhi)

    Orchha: The wonderful cluster of architectural splendor in idyllic surroundings on the banks of River Betwa at the abandoned capital of Bundelkhand kingdom (four hours from Kanpur by road).