Dr. S. K. Agarwal Memorial Best Poster Award
Poster IDAuthorsAffiliationsTitle
HF-P.05K Kalai Selvi, T Sreenidhi and Nandita DasguptaIIT Madras, INDIAElectrical and reliability characteristics of oxide grown by High Pressure Oxidation of SiC in nitric acid vapor with different gas ambient
ME-P.11Paresh Kumar, Nagarajan R and Enakshi BhattacharyaIIT Madras, INDIAA Digital Microfluidics Platform for Biosensors
MS-P.07N. Augustine, K. Kumar and A. ChakravortyIIT Madras, INDIAApplicability of Partition Charge Based Approach for Modeling Non-Quasi-Static Effects in SiGe HBTs
NT-P.43Pawan Kumar Srivastava and Subhasis GhoshJNU, New Delhi, INDIAFabrication of graphene based field effect transistor with copper electrodes
NT-P.71Neha Kulshrestha, Reeti Bajpai, Soumyendu Roy and D. S. MisraIIT Bombay, INDIASemiconductors Like Temperature Dependence of Resistivity of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
OE-P.01Manish Taunk and Subhash ChandNational Institute of Technology Hamirpur, INDIASilver-Polypyrrole-Silver Structure Fabrication and Characterization over Wide Temperature
OP-P.25T. Bhowmick and Utpal DasIIT Kanpur, INDIA40GHz Integrated MQW Intermixed Waveguide Photodiodes
PV-P.21Reeti Bajpai, Soumyendu Roy, Pragyensh Kumar, Preeti Bajpai,
Neha Kulshrestha, Javad Rafiee,
Nikhil Koratkar and
D. S. Misra
IIT Bombay, INDIA and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USAImproved performance of dye sensitized solar cell by using graphene based nanocomposite counter electrode”

There were two poster sessions(details below).

Tuesday, December 20, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM
General Catogory High Frequency/Power Devices
OptoelectronicsNanotechnology and Emerging Areas
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM
Display and Lighting MEMS & SensorsDevice Modelling and Simulation
Organic ElectronicsPhotovoltaicsVLSI & ULSI Technology
General Catogory
(Tuesday, December 20, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
NT1GN-P.01Nitin KumarPhase Transition Behaviour of PZT-Silicone Resin Composites
VT7GN-P.02M.K. HotaConduction Mechanism in TaYOx Dielectrics
OP57GN-P.03Santosh K. KundaraSynthesis of Mg doped p-type CuAlO2 Semiconducting Film and its Heterojunction
NT18GN-P.04Anoop K MathewThe Fabrication and Dielectric Characterization of Inter-digital Capacitor on La2Ti2O7 Thin Films Grown by Pulsed Laser Deposition
OP17GN-P.05M. Siva Pratap ReddyAnalysis of current-voltage characteristics of Au/polyvinyl alcohol/n-InP Schottky structure in a wide temperature range
OP27GN-P.06Uday DadwalInvestigation of Temperature Dependence of Blistering Behavior of H-implanted Si0.70Ge0.30
PV8GN-P.07Biplab GanguliElectronic and optical properties of Mn and oxygen substituted ZnIn2Te4 chalcopyrite Semiconductors
NT53GN-P.08Rama Bhadra Rao AdariElectrical Characterization of Co/n-GaN Schottky Diodes
NT50GN-P.09Biswajit SahaInvestigation on the Field Emission Properties of CdO: CuO bi layer Thin Film
NT52GN-P.10Tarkeshwar PatilDry Etching of GaCrN using Inductively Coupled Cl2/Ar Chemistry
OP69GN-P.11Chandra Bhal Singh Effect of Temperature variation on Emission of Secondary Electrons from MgO films
PV10GN-P.12Nripendra Narayan HalderMOCVD Growth and Characterization of thermally stable GaAs epi-layers for IC applications
OP41GN-P.13Ziaul Raza KhanEffect of Cd doping on structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films fabricated by Sol-gel method
VT26GN-P.14Bhavana JoshiElectrical characterization of hybrid low dielectric thin films for ILD applications
ME39GN-P.15Shankar DuttaOptical and XRD characterization of P++ Deep Boron Diffusion Silicon Layer
ME52GN-P.16Pritam KumarA Studies of Structural and Dielectric Behavior of 0.85 Ba(Fe0.5Nb0.5)O3 -0.15SrTiO3 Ceramics
MS58GN-P.17Diptadip ChakrabortyHeterojunction versus Homojunction Transit Time Devices at Elevated Junction Temperature: Performance Comparison at MM-wave Window Frequency
VT10GN-P.18Dheeraj SharmaAnalytical Modeling of the Subthreshold Potential of Nanoscale GAA Rectangular Gate MOSFET
HF34GN-P.19Kiran Kumar KoviSurface passivation of Single Crystalline CVD Diamond for High Frequency and High Power Applications
NT127GN-P.20Avik Chattopadhyay The Impact of a High-? Gate Dielectric on a p-Channel Tunnel Field-Effect Transistor
OE39GN-P.21Inamur R Laskar Efficient and Pure Blue Emitting Iridium based Triplet Harvesting Materials: Applications in Electroluminescent Devices
High Frequency/Power Devices
(Tuesday, December 20, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
HF10HF-P.01Umakant GoyalAn X-Band 6 bit Digitally Controlled Attenuator with Low Insertion Loss
HF2HF-P.02Rakhi KumariAn X-Band High Isolation Absorptive SPDT Switch
HF6HF-P.03Parul DhakadDesign of a monolithic 6-bit digital attenuator with 0.7micron MESFET switches.
HF8HF-P.04Bharatkumar P. ModiCurrent Transport through Hg/p-Si (100) and Hg/p-Si (111) of Schottky Diodes
NT22HF-P.05K Kalai SelviElectrical and reliability characteristics of oxide grown by High Pressure Oxidation of SiC in nitric acid vapor with different gas ambient
HF40HF-P.06Monika SharmaComparison of Ferromagnetic Resonance Studies in Nickel Thin Films and Nanowire Arrays
HF9HF-P.07P. R. TripathySi, SiC Homo Junctions and n-SiC/p-Si Hetero Junction: mm-Wave Performance Characteristics
HF4HF-P.08D S Rawal Cl2/Ar based Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of GaN/AlGaN Structure
HF11HF-P.09Ch. SujathaStructural and Magnetic Properties of NiCuZn ferrites for Multilayer Chip Inductor Applications
HF15HF-P.10Moumita MukherjeeLarge-Signal Modeling of Hexagonal (4H-) SiC Based Double Drift Transit Time Device as High-Power MM-Wave Source at W-band Window Frequency
HF14HF-P.11Khandakar Nusrat IslamTheoretical Study of drain current of AlInN/GaN HEMTs on SiC Substrate
HF21HF-P.12Prasanna MisraImpact of Ge profile on the performance of PNP SiGe HBT on thin film SOI
HF20HF-P.13Radhakrishnan SithanandamStepped SOI (S-SOI) LDMOS for Improved High Voltage Capability
HF25HF-P.14R K ParidaA Comparative Study of High Frequency Characteristics of SiC– based SDRs
HF43HF-P.15Janmejaya PradhanTerahertz Characteristics of 6H-SiC and 4H-SiC IMPATT Diodes
HF30HF-P.16Sanjay TomarDesign, fabrication and measurement of sub 1 dB Noise figure LNA
HF19HF-P.17C. M. Dinesh60 and 100 MeV Oxygen Ion Irradiation Effects on Electrical Characteristics of Bipolar Transistor
HF31HF-P.18Ashutosh KumarInvestigation of 1/f noise in GaN epitaxial layers using In and Ti/Al/Ni/Au Ohmic Contacts
HF29HF-P.19Deepti MongiaAnalysis of Angelov Model for 0.25um pHEMTs
HF33HF-P.20Rajesh K BagScattering analysis of 2DEG in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure grown on Fe doped GaN template
HF1HF-P.21Amirhossein AminbeidokhtiAn Improved SOI MESFET with Triple-Recessed Drift Region for Electrical Performance Improvement
HF37HF-P.22Raju RameshGrowth and structural characteristics of AlGaN/GaN grown on sapphire substrate by MOCVD
HF13HF-P.23N. PushpaThe Influence of 175 MeV Nickel Ion Irradiation on the Electrical Characteristics of Power Transistors
HF38HF-P.24Kapil NarangDislocations Study in GaN using Wet Chemical Etching
(Tuesday, December 20, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
OP25OP-P.01Tamanna AfrozeStudy of the optoelectrical properties of vacuum evaporated CdSe semiconducting thin films.
OP13OP-P.02Sreenidhi TOptimization of Ohmic Contact for the Fabrication of InGaN/GaN MQW Blue LED
OP8OP-P.03Rahul MakhijaniA Theoretical Model to Explain the Photoluminescence Spectra of Growth Pause Induced Ripening of InAs Quantum Dots
OP11OP-P.04K.Sowri BabuPhotoluminescence Properties of Mg doped ZnO Nanoparticles Embedded in MCM-41
OP2OP-P.05Shweta TripathiModeling of Photodependent Capacitance for Short Gate-length Ion-implanted GaAs MESFETs
OP7OP-P.07Paulami RakshitRole of Diffusion and Parasitic Effects on the Frequency Response of a Si-CMOS Photodetector
OP18OP-P.08Basanta RoulElectrical transport behavior at the InN/GaN heterostructures interface
OP62OP-P.09Chandra Bhal SinghEffect of Si, Sc, Cr doping in the microstructural, optical and discharge characteristics of MgO thin films as protective layer for Plasma Display Panels
OP15OP-P.10R. GhoshBloch Wave Analysis for Optical Band Structure of III-Nitrides Photonic Crystals
OP22OP-P.11Suhas JejurikarGround state energy trend in single and multilayered InAs/GaAs QDs capped with InGaAs layer
OP38OP-P.12Balaji ManavaimaranImprovement in structural quality of AlN Epilayers grown with Nucleation layers Using High Temperature Halide Chemical Vapor Deposition (HTCVD)
OP39OP-P.13Saraswathi ChirakkaraTuning the photoluminescence of ZnO thin films by indium doping
OP30OP-P.14Utkarsha VermaThe Impact of Monolayer Coverage, Barrier Thickness and Growth Rate on the Thermal Stability of Photoluminescence of Coupled InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Hetero-Structure with Quaternary Capping of InAlGaAs.
OP65OP-P.15Rakesh AluguriThe 1.54 µm photoluminescence from Er doped Ge nanocrystals embedded in Al2O3 matrix
OP40OP-P.16mohana k rajpalkeGrowth and properties of nonpolar a-plane GaN grown on r-sapphire by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
OP45OP-P.17Ponnusamy ArivazhaganPhoton Decay Time Studies on AlxGa1-xN/AlyGa1-yN/ AlxGa1-xN Double Heterostuctures Grown on Sapphire Substrate by MOCVD
OP31OP-P.18Rahul MakhijaniAn Approach to Photoluminescence Spectra of InAs Quantum Dots
OP1OP-P.19Chitrada VarunCMOS Based Photo Diodes for Narrow Line Width Applications
OP32OP-P.20mahesh kumarBlue InGaN- based light emitting diodes grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
OP43OP-P.21Veloor N Mani Ultra High Purification of Gallium through Directional Solidification and Their Characterization
OP44OP-P.22Veloor N Mani Purification of Gallium Anitimonide and Indium Antimonide through Directional Solidification and Their Characterization
OP46OP-P.23Joydip SenguptaInfluence of Al Doping on the Sol-Gel Derived Zinc Oxide Thin Films
OP14OP-P.24Swati RamanChalcogenide Glasses Optical Waveguides: Fabrication and Characterisation
OP50OP-P.25Tathagata Bhowmick40GHz Integrated MQW Intermixed Waveguide Photodiodes
PV20OP-P.26Raghvendra Sahai Saxena Electrical Characteristic Signatures of HgCdTe Infrared Photodiodes and their Sensitivity on Device and Material Parameters
OP51OP-P.27Chattiram SandeepGrowth of SiC Nano-Crystals on H-Terminated Si(100)3 Substrate Surface Steps.
OP37OP-P.28Nihit SaigalFabrication of Distributed Bragg Reflectors using Porous Silicon Multilayers
OP53OP-P.29Ravi LoganathanStudies on the dislocation densities of Gallium Nitride grown by MOCVD
OP52OP-P.30P.ManimaranThermal Profiling of 1.55µm Traveling Wave Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
OP54OP-P.31Mathaiyan JayasakthiGrowth and Characterization of AlxGa1-xN on GaN/Al2O3
OP63OP-P.32Santosh Ch DasAnomalous temperature dependence of photoluminescence intensity from high indium InGaAsN grown by liquid phase epitaxy
OP58OP-P.33Kamal LohaniOptical characteristics dependence of Laser diode array on Die bonding
OP60OP-P.34Punita SinghStudies on PFO:ZnO nanocomposite for optoelectronic devices
OP66OP-P.35Mukesh KumarGrowth Kinetics of Gallium & formation of GaN on stepped Si (553) surface
OP59OP-P.36Saraswathi chirakkaraWhite light emission from indium and gallium co-doped ZnO thin films
OP64OP-P.37Tapasya JainDiffusion of Ga and As in HgCdTe during heat treatment in contact with GaAs
OP70OP-P.38Nishant Kumar Substantial Enhancement in UV Emission by Mg Doping in ZnO films
Nanotechnology and Emerging Areas
(Tuesday, December 20, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
NT2NT-P.01Sakshi SharmaFabrication of highly sensitive Ammonia gas sensor by depositing Functionalized MWCNTs in Alumina matrix through sol –gel processing
NT20NT-P.02Shahir hussainOzone oxidation of multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs)
NT3NT-P.03Sakshi SharmaMWCNTs reinforced polymer composite for development of thin film ammonia gas sensor
NT5NT-P.04Pranati PurohitOn the Calculation of Energy Eigen States of Electrons in a Spherical Quantum Dot
NT6NT-P.05Trilok Kumar PathakStructure and Room Temperature Ferromagnetism of Ni2+ doped ZnO Nanoparticles Prepared by Sol-gel Process
NT8NT-P.06Anima JohariAtmospheric Pressure Growth of Tin Oxide Nanostructures
NT10NT-P.07Subhamoy Singha RoyA Simple theoretical Analysis of the Einstein Relation under Cross-Field model
NT11NT-P.08Subhamoy Singha RoyThe Simple Theoretical analysis of the Mass and Molar Magnetic Susceptibilities in Quantum Wires of II-VI and IV-VI Compound Semiconductor
NT15NT-P.09ShumailaAgeing Effect on Electrical and Morphological Properties of Polyaniline Nanorods Prepared by Interfacial Polymerisation
NT16NT-P.10Ajay KumarDesign & Fabrication of Carbon nano-structured flexible antenna
NT19NT-P.12Shama ParveenStudy of Hysteresis of Carbon Nanotubes Field Emitters
NT4NT-P.13Asit Baran MaitySensing Mechanism in ZnO Nanowire Based Ultra Small Smart Gas Sensor
NT24NT-P.14Shumaila AkramField Emission of CNTs/PANI based nanocomposite
NT28NT-P.15Omprakash S.AC Conductivity and Dielectric Studies on Nickel Ferrite Nano-Particles Synthesized by Sol Gel Technique
NT31NT-P.16Prabhash MishraTransfer of 2-D vertically aligned patterned carbon nanotubes (CNTs) onto Plastic substrate using hot press technique for flexible electronic device applications
NT30NT-P.17Rahul Prajesh Silicon Nanowire Arrays using g-line Photolithography
NT17NT-P.18Dipankar Biswas Effects of Size Nonuniformity on the Optical Transitions in a set of Realistic InxGa1-xN/GaN Quantum Dots, having a Gaussian Distribution.
NT21NT-P.19Dipankar Biswas Important points to be noted for proper capacitance-voltage measurements on semiconductor quantum wells
NT35NT-P.20D.M. JundaleNanocrystalline CuO thin films: Synthesis, characterization and gas sensing properties
NT33NT-P.21Md. Ashraful IslamPreparation and Characterization of Ag (Silver) Nanoparticles
NT36NT-P.22V.K. DwivediInorganic-Organic Multiple Quantum Wells (IO-MQW) photonic structures
NT38NT-P.23Soumitra ShuklaSingle Spin Logic implementation of various VLSI adder circuits
NT37NT-P.24Devi DassImpact of Chirality variations on various performance parameters for a Single Walled Armchair type Carbon Nanotube: A Simulation Study
NT40NT-P.25S. MallikNoise Characteristics of HfO2-metal (Au, Pd and Pt) Gate MOS Capacitors
NT55NT-P.26Belayat HossainCharacterization of Au Nano Particles Synthesized by Electrochemical Process at Room Temperature
NT39NT-P.27Arpan DeyasiStudy of Energy Eigenvalues and Density of States of Carriers in a Triangular Quantum Wire
NT64NT-P.28Mehedhi HasanEnhanced Optical Absorption in Silicon Nanowire
NT42NT-P.29Neetu PrasadOptical Characterization of Graphene
NT49NT-P.30Shahab AhamdStrong room-Temperature Exciton PL from Inorganic-Organic hybrid Nano and Micro-crystals
NT59NT-P.31M. Jalal UddinPreparation and Characterization of NiO Nanoparticles by Two Steps Soft Chemical Method
NT41NT-P.32Ranjit GangulyTransmission Electron Microscopic Analysis of Thin Films of Nickel Ferrite Grown on Cobalt Oxyspinel
NT57NT-P.33Praveen SuggisettiCr-doped GaN: a homogeneous ferromagnetic semiconductor above room-temperature
NT61NT-P.34Ajay KesarwaniFiltered cathodic vacuum arc for the deposition of phosphorus doped amorphous/microcrystalline silicon films for solar cells
NT44NT-P.35Rajat MahapatraTemperature Dependent Switching Characteristics of HfO2 Resistive Memory with a Thin Ti interlayer
NT66NT-P.36Sumita GoswamiSynthesis and Characterization of Flake-like Polyaniline/Vanadium Oxide Composite Material and Study of Their Field Emission Behavior
NT68NT-P.37Debabrata Sarkar Facile Synthesis of Large Scale Mesoporous TiO2 Microspheres by Templete-free Hydrothermal Process: Their Photocatalysis Degradation
NT70NT-P.38Soumen MaitiVisible Blind Photodetector Based on Room Temperature Grown ZnO Nanospikes Array
NT69NT-P.39Saswati SantraLuminescence Properties of CuBO2 Nanopowders Synthesized via Sol-gel Route
NT72NT-P.40Parveen JainOptical and Microstructural Studies on Tin Oxide Thin Films Synthesized by Thermal Evaporation Technique in Different Vacuum Conditions
NT71NT-P.41Manoj Kesaria Novel regime for dislocation mediated GaN nanocolumn formation
NT74NT-P.42Zaheer Ahmed KhanRoom Temperature ferromagnetism in Cu Doped ZnO thin films for spintronics
NT75NT-P.43Pawan Kumar SrivastavaFabrication of graphene field effect transistor with copper electrodes
NT78NT-P.44Sandeep Kumar Pundir PundirEffect of processing conditions of Bi2Te3 thin films on thermoelectric and electrical behaviour
NT77NT-P.45Jyoti BansalDevelopment of a Single Walled Carbon Nanotube-poly (GT)n single-stranded DNA composite biosensor based on PL spectra for medical diagnostics
NT81NT-P.46Vikram SinghEffects of Post-Deposition Annealing on the Material and Electrical Characteristics of Sputtered Ultrathin HfO2 Film on Silicon
NT79NT-P.47R. K. TripathiFormation and optical properties of amorphous carbon film having embedded nanoparticles deposited by filtered anodic jet carbon arc technique
NT80NT-P.48Sukhvir SinghStudy of Bismuth Telluride Thermoelectric Nano-Composites Reinforced with MWCNTs
NT82NT-P.49Manju AroraQuantum Confinement Effect on Photoluminescence of Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin Films
NT120NT-P.50Pika JhaGold Decoration of Carbon Nanotubes via Thermal and Chemical Routes for Gas Sensing
NT83NT-P.51Shaivalini SinghFabrication and Characterization of High Mobility Spin-Coated Zinc Oxide Thin Film Transistors
NT90NT-P.52Raju LampandeInfluence of Shape and Size on the Optical Properties of Palladium Nanostructures
NT87NT-P.53Pankaj B. AgarwalPositioning of CNTs over the Gold Substrate via Self-assembled Monolayer Functionalization using Dip-pen Nanowriting
NT94NT-P.54G.Sh. Shmavonyan The Role of Separate Confinement Heterostructure Layer in Designing Semiconductor Nanostructured Optoelectronic Devices
NT86NT-P.55Premila MohanGrowth mechanism of self-catalyzed and self-assembled GaAs nanowires
NT91NT-P.56Prabhash MishraDevelopment and standardization of porous silicon for application as a working electrode in electrochemical immunosensor
NT92NT-P.57Anita KumariTo study the effect of annealing on the optical properties of Graphene Oxide
NT89NT-P.58Pankaj B. AgarwalEffect of Plasma Ashing on 16-MHA Self-assembled Monolayer
NT122NT-P.59A. M. JagtapStudy of water soluble NIR Photoluminescent CdHgTe nanocrystals synthesized by hydrothermal technique
NT95NT-P.60Mohan LalGrowth of Ultra-Small, Isolated and Horizontal Carbon Nanotubes
NT97NT-P.61T. N. BhatWurtzite Indium Nitride nanodots on Si(100) by molecular beam epitaxy
NT98NT-P.62Ankush GhoshSingle Spin Implementation of Basic Building Block for Designing Sequential Circuits
NT100NT-P.63Pramod Kumar SharmaNanomagnetic Materials for High Permeability GHz Frequency Inductors
NT96NT-P.64Ch. Ravi KumarAu/Pd/Ge based Ohmic contacts to GaAs/AlGaAs
NT102NT-P.65Soumya R DeoEffect of Air Annealing on the Structural & Optical Characteristics of Nanosized Cd0.5Zn0.5S Thin Films Synthesized by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
NT99NT-P.66Gangadhar PurohitFabrication and characterization of nano-scale organic thin film transistor using focused ion beam
NT103NT-P.67Ajaya Kumar SinghStructural, Morphological and Optical Analysis of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by Chemical Bath Deposition Technique
NT123NT-P.68Monika KumariDecoration of low work function CsI salt on selectively grown carbon nanotube emitters for improving their emission performance
NT101NT-P.69Mohini Gupta Biological sensing with magnetic nanoparticle suspensions: DLS and MORFF studies
NT124NT-P.70Parveen LehanaInvestigation of the Reflective Properties of Copper-Ferrous Nanowires
NT106NT-P.71Neha KulshresthaSemiconductors Like Temperature Dependence of Resistivity of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes
NT7NT-P.72N. VARALAXMIStructural and Magnetic, DC-AC Electrical Conductivities and Dielectric properties of MgCuZn Ferrites for microinductor applications
NT111NT-P.73J Anto Pradeep Fano Effect in Raman Scattering of Porous Silicon
NT112NT-P.75Abhilasha ChoukseyRaman analysis of Carbon Nanotube Thin Film Resistor
NT119NT-P.76Upkar Kumar VermaGold Nano-Particles Embedded Organic Semiconductor used in MIS structure for Memory Applications
NT117NT-P.77Hrishikesh DhasmanaSilicon Surface Etching Effect in Growth of ZnO Nanostructures by Continuous Spray Pyrolysis Reactor
NT108NT-P.78Rakesh.K SahooEffect of hydrogen on the growth transition from carbon nanotubes to carbon nanofibers grown via atmospheric chemical vapor deposition
NT114NT-P.79Nirmal Chandra RautNanostructurred TiO2 Thin Films for Field Emission and Sensor Applications
Display and Lighting
(Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
DL1DL-P.01Devender SinghLuminescent Properties of Nano Green Phosphor
DL2DL-P.02Asit PrakashWhite polymer light emitting diode by blending of Fluorescent polymer
DL3DL-P.03Md.InamMeasurement of liquid crystal cell gap by single wavelength using Mach-Zehnder interferometer and Fourier transform fringe analysis
DL4DL-P.04Ramneek KaurOptical and Morphological Study of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Langmuir-Blodgett Films
DL5DL-P.05Rishi KumarPolymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Composites as an Opto-Electronic Shutter
DL6DL-P.06Pankaj Kr Uttwani Electrical Testing of the OLED Matrix for Analyzing Defects in a PMOLED Display
DL8DL-P.07Ankur Solanki New Processing Technique of Photolithography to make Defect Free Organic Light Emitting Diode Display
DL7DL-P.08Ranbir Singh Design and optimization of a silver based microcavity for organic light emitting diodes
DL11DL-P.09Himanshu VermaLED street lamp with uniform road illumination
DL10DL-P.10Gaurav Gupta Langmuir-Blodgett assisted self-assembled nano masks on wafer-scale for high quality GaN-LED growth on sapphire
MEMS & Sensors
(Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
ME1ME-P.01Pramod Reddy JOptical and I-V studies on Au-ZnO-ITO based UV-sensing devices
ME3ME-P.02Ambika SharmaStudy of Poole-Frenkel mechanism in amorphous Ge20Te80-xBix (x = 0, 1.5, 2.5, 5.0) glassy alloys
ME2ME-P.03Tamal GoswamiA new concept of designing of Micro Opto-Mechanical Biosensor for H5N1 Virus detection
ME7ME-P.04Sumati PatiMetal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition and Investigation of Structural, Optical and Gas Sensing Characteristics of ZnO Thin Film Grown on Quartz
ME5ME-P.05Manju PandeyA new approach to make capacitive humidity sensor based on TiO2 thin film with silver palladium electrodes
ME6ME-P.06Atul Kumar DwivediModeling and Simulation of Capacitive Sensor for E.Coli bacteria in water
ME9ME-P.09Amita GuptaDesign aspects of electrostatically driven MEMS adaptive mirror
ME11ME-P.10Amita GuptaMEMS Deformable Mirrors: Technology and Applications
ME12ME-P.11Nagarajan RA Digital Microfluidics Platform for Biosensors
ME13ME-P.12Kulvinder SinghStability Study on Ceramic Mercuric Iodide (Red) X-Ray Sensor
OP26ME-P.13Nidhi VermaThin Film of Iron Titanium Oxide as optical humidity sensor
ME60ME-P.14Rama SinghHumidity sensing investigations on nanostructured zinc stannate synthesized via chemical precipitation method
ME10ME-P.15Syeda Mahabuba TabassumComputational Study on Si-Based Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Waveguide for Biochemical Sensing
ME15ME-P.16Richa SrivastavaHumidity sensor based on ZnFe2O4 Thick Film
ME16ME-P.17Maninder KaurDesign, Development & Characterization of RF MEMS Symmetric Toggle Switch for Satellite Communication Applications
ME17ME-P.18Satyendra SinghExperimental investigations on LPG Sensing based on ZnFe2O4 Thick Film
ME18ME-P.19Shakeb A. KhanElectrical Characterization of ? -Al2O3 Thin Film Parallel Plate Capacitive Sensor for Low Moisture Detection
ME20ME-P.20Saakshi DhanekarEnhanced sensitivity from surface treated porous silicon
ME19ME-P.21Deepak BansalDesign of vertical packaging technology for RF MEMS Switch
ME22ME-P.22AditiFEM Simulation of CMUT Cell for NDT Application
ME26ME-P.23Mahanth PrasadDesign and Mathematical Model of a ZnO-based MEMS Acoustic sensor
ME28ME-P.24Vikrant SistaMEMS Test Structure for Accurate Measurement of Knudsen’s forces
ME27ME-P.25Usha. ADesign of Smart Sensor for Biological Real Time Applications using Conducting Polymers, NANOComposites and Digital Signal Processing Technique
ME29ME-P.26S. Santosh KumarDesign of Piezoresistive MEMS Absolute Pressure Sensor
ME30ME-P.27S.L.PatilPANi-ZnO nanocomposite: Detection of NH3 gas at room temperature
ME31ME-P.28S G PawarA Facile and Efficient Route for the Preparation of Nanofibrous PANi (EB) based Ammonia Vapor Sensor
ME32ME-P.29Karunesh TiwariA Resistive Type Humidity Sensor Based on ZnO-SnO2 Nanocomposite
ME33ME-P.30Manas Kumar LenkaDesign and Simulation of RF MEMS SPST and SPDT switches for X-band and Ku-band applications
ME35ME-P.31Ruchi SrivastavaLow Cost, Disposable Colorimetric Sensor for Quantitative Detection of Ammonia Gas
ME36ME-P.32Tarun DadhichOptimization of Temperature Range for MEMS based Iron Oxide Gas Sensor for Detection of H2S Gas
ME38ME-P.33Mohini DwivediStudy of Temperature Optimization of MEMS based ZnOx Thin Film Gas Sensor for Detection of Acetone Vapour
ME40ME-P.34Trapti MudgalOptimization of MEMS based Gas Sensor Temperature for Sensing CO Gas using TiO2 Film as a Sensing Material
ME37ME-P.35A. V. SinghMechanical Properties of RF Magnetron Sputter Deposited SiC Film by Nano-indentation
ME47ME-P.36Bhawna DhingraOptical Interrogation of a Pressure Sensor Fabricated Using MEMS Technology
ME44ME-P.37Mihir SarkarParameters of proton beam writing of micro-structures in soft materials
ME50ME-P.39K.P. NagarjunLow cost 375nm direct laser writer for MEMS fabrication
ME51ME-P.40Pallavi KarMEMS based Micro-heater design using GA based soft computing tool
ME53ME-P.41Prem PalWet Chemical Based Micromachining in {110}Si Wafers using TMAH Solution
ME59ME-P.42Alka RaniStudy of Optimization Temperature of Tungsten Oxide (WOx) Thin Films for NH3 Gas Detection
ME55ME-P.43V Gowri SureshTunable MEMS Diffraction Gratings
ME62ME-P.44Narendra KumarMeasurement of interface states in electrolyte-insulator-semiconductor structures with textured dielectrics
ME54ME-P.45Anima JohariLow Temperature Tin Oxide Nanowire Gas Sensor
ME61ME-P.46Raka MukherjeeElectrochemical Synthesis, Immobilisation and Transmission line Modeling of Aniline and N-Phenyl-glycine Co-polymer for Heavy Metal Detection in Water
ME63ME-P.47Chepyala RamchanderFluid Flow Characteristics in Functionalized Silicon based Microfluidic Immunosensor
Device Modelling and Simulation
(Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
MS1MS-P.01Baniman GhoshNon Equilibrium Green’s Function Analysis of Double Gate SiGe and GaAs Tunnel FETs
MS2MS-P.02Baniman GhoshDevice Improvement and Circuit Performance Evaluation of complete SiGe Double Gate Tunnel FETs
MS3MS-P.03Gaurav KaushalSingle Event Upset in Si Nanowire GAA FET Based CMOS Inverter
MS5MS-P.04Amirhossein AminbeidokhtiGaAs MESFET with a Periodic Structure of Space Layers in Channel Region
MS7MS-P.05Morteza RahimianA New SiGe-on-Insulator (SGOI) MOSFET with Modified Channel Doping for Leakage Current Improvement
MS8MS-P.06Baniman GhoshAnalog Circuits Design Using Ant Colony Optimization
MS10MS-P.07Noel AugustineApplicability of Partition Charge Based Approach for Modeling Non-Quasi-Static Effects in SiGe HBTs
MS19MS-P.08Moumita MukherjeeA Comparative Study of Dynamic Characteristics of Asymmetrical ATT Diodes Based on Various Semiconductor Materials with Increasing Bandgap Energy
MS12MS-P.09Munish VermaConductivity engineering of graphene ribbon by wrapping
MS11MS-P.10Soude Rahmaninezhad Effect of graded channel (GC) design in fully depleted SOI MOSFET for improving of short channel immunity
MS18MS-P.11Navneet GuptaModelling of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) based Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs)
MS22MS-P.12Satya Ranjan PattanaikInfluence of Small Variation in Impact Ionization Rate Data on Simulation of 4H-SiC IMPATT Diode
MS24MS-P.13Jitendra KanungoComparative Analysis of Energy Recovery Logic and Conventional CMOS Logic
MS25MS-P.14Morteza RahimianNanoscale SGOI MOSFET with Vertical Step Doping: A Novel Structure for Leakage Current Reduction
NT45MS-P.15Bhargav Kumar MamillaAn InGaSb TFET with High I(on)/I(off) Ratio and Low Circuit Leakage Power
MS27MS-P.16Amit Kumar VermaBoosting the Performance of III-Nitride Deep-UV Light Emitting Diodes by Polarization-induced Doping and Asymmetric Quantum Well Designs
MS28MS-P.17Janakiraman VStatistical Compact Model Extraction - A Neural Network Approach
MS29MS-P.18Subhash Chand Effect of inverse surface layer on the current voltage characteristics of Schottky diode- A Numerical study
MS31MS-P.19Chandrima Mondal Controlling Short Channel Effects in Pocket Implanted Ge Channel pMOSFETs with High-k Gate Stacks
MS33MS-P.20Samarth AgarwalQuantum Corrections using the Modified Local Density Approximation for Nano-scale Devices
MS36MS-P.21Mohit BajajHydrodynamic Transport Models for Nanoscale Devices and Circuits
MS37MS-P.22A R ChoudhruyOptimizations and Parallelization for Mixed Mode Problems
MS35MS-P.23Pashupati ShahA Comparative Study on Compound Semiconductor MOS Memory Devices with Nanocrystal Embedded Gate Dielectric
MS38MS-P.24Ajayan K.R.Device Oriented Statistical Modeling Method for Process Variability in 45nm Analog CMOS Technology
MS40MS-P.25Sarmista Sengupta Semi-Analytical Estimation of Intra-Die Analog Performances of Nano-scale NMOS Transistor
MS44MS-P.26Rajni GautamInfluence of Localised charges on the temperature sensitivity of Si nanowire MOSFET
MS43MS-P.27Rakhi NarangAn Analytical Modeling Approach for a Gate All Around (GAA) Tunnel Field Effect Transistor (TFET)
MS41MS-P.28Kamlesh PatelSimulation results of heterojunction and HIT solar cells
MS45MS-P.30Naushad AlamImpact of Process-Induced Mechanical Stress on Multi-Fingered Device Performance
MS48MS-P.31Aditya Sankar MeduryTemperature dependence of Threshold Voltage for Ultra Thin Silicon Film Symmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs
MS57MS-P.32Poornendu ChaturvediStructural composition enhanced Tunnel FET with improved characteristics
MS51MS-P.33Soumya PanditAnalytical Study of the Effect of Channel Engineering on Threshold Voltage Variation due to Random Discrete Dopants
MS52MS-P.34Gaurav PendharkarEffect of Surface Roughness on the single and multiphase fluid flow through microchannel using Lattice Boltzmann method
MS49MS-P.35Vandana KumariDigital Circuit Analysis of Insulated Shallow Extension Silicon On Void (ISESOV) FET for Low Voltage Applications
Organic Electronics
(Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
OE3OE-P.01Manish TaunkSilver-Polypyrrole-Silver Structure Fabrication and Characterization over Wide Temperature
OP23OE-P.02Manisha BajpaiCharge transport study of polymer light emitting diodes by Impedance spectroscopy
OE1OE-P.03Souvik KunduElectrical properties of Al/MEH-PPV/p-GaAs hybrid MIS device: Application as temperature sensor
OE2OE-P.04Meghan P.PatankarDiffusion of F4TCNQ in Organic Semiconductors
OE5OE-P.05K. Nageswara RaoStrong room temperature excitons in new types of Inorganic-Organic multiple quantum well hetero structures
OP34OE-P.06Vandna NishalElectroluminescent Characteristics of (2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)benzothiazolato)5,7-dichloro-8-hydroxyquinolinatozinc(II) Complex
OE6OE-P.07Sindhumandari UpadhayaParylene deposition for passivation of Organic semiconductors
OE7OE-P.08Vijay Kumar LambaModeling of charge transport through thiophene nanowire
OE8OE-P.09M. A. ChouguleMicrostructural and Optoelectronic Investigations on Polypyrrole-ZnO Nanocomposites
OE9OE-P.10Vinay Kumar SinghExtraction Of linearly Extrapolated Threshold Voltage in Pentacene Organic Thin Film Transistors
OE11OE-P.11Arunandan KumarSurface Plasmon Enhanced Emission in Organic Light Emitting Diodes
OE12OE-P.13Ankita GangwarAnalysis of Recombination Zone in Ambipolar Organic Light Emitting Transistors
OE13OE-P.14Sarita YadavFabrication of Organic complementary inverter
OE14OE-P.15Akanksha SharmaOrigin and characterization of traps in organic semiconductor thin films
OE17OE-P.16Gita RaniElectrical and Spectroscopic studies in magnesium perchlorate doped polyaniline -PVC films
OE18OE-P.17Amit KumarWhite Organic Light Emitting Diode Based on Zinc Metal Complexes
OE21OE-P.18Budhi SinghZinc Oxide and Metal Phthalocyanine based Hybrid P-N Junction Diodes Using Highly Conducting Zinc Oxide Based transparent electrode
OE20OE-P.19Anand KumarOptical Properties of Ferrous Sulphate Doped Poly (m-toluidine)
OE24OE-P.20Samrana KazimCharge Carrier Mobility in Cationic Polythiophene Polyelectrolyte
OE25OE-P.21Jaya LohaniBlended thin films of Poly-(3-hexylthiophene) and soluble fullerene derivatives for bulk-heterojunction organic solar cells
OE28OE-P.22Anukul Prasad ParhiEffect of temperature on the nanomorphology of Copper phthalocyanine thin film annealed in static electric field
OE30OE-P.23Saumen MandalInkjet printed PEDOT:PSS for organic devices
OE31OE-P.25Tapendu MandalEffect of Externally Applied Electric Field on Transistor Characteristics of Pentacene Based Thin Film Transistor
OE33OE-P.26Vari Sivaji ReddyOrganic Photovoltaic Devices Based on CuPc Nanostructures
OE32OE-P.27Kanchan SaxenaWhite Organic Light Emitting Diodes Based on Single Emissive Layer Using Electro-phosphorescent Dopants
OE34OE-P.28D. K. AmbastTime-resolved study of thermo-optical nonlinearity in conjugated organic molecules
OE35OE-P.29Subodh DubeyThemoelectric Characterization of PEDOT:PSS Thin Film
OE36OE-P.30Gayatri ChauhanEffect of interface modification on the injection and transport properties of a-NPD
OE37OE-P.31M.N.KamalasananEffect of metal-organic interface modification on organic LEDs
OE40OE-P.32Shweta MauryaFabrication of Organic diode through Inkjet Printing of P3HT on Plastic Substrates
(Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
Control IDPoster IDPresenting AuthorTitle
PV1PV-P.01Vipin KumarStudy on Discontinuity of Band Gap & Structure in Screen-Printed Cadmium Sulphoselenide Films
PV4PV-P.02Aneeta KharkwalHybrid Organic (P3HT & MEH-PPV)-Inorganic (CuInGaSe2 ) Nanocomposites : Charge Transfer & Photostability Studies
PV5PV-P.03Suchismita MitraEffect of Capture and Escape Rates of Carriers and Well Parameters on the Performance of Multi-Quantum Well Solar Cell
PV6PV-P.04Kuna VSR KishoreQualitative Analysis of Failure Mechanisms of PV Module Defects From Damp Heat Test To Failure
PV11PV-P.05Shiv Kumar DixitFabrication and characterization of P3HT-PCBM-Quantum Dot based solar cell
PV9PV-P.06Firoz KhanEffect of Annealing Temperature on Structural and Optical Properties of Nano-Structured Zinc Oxide Films formed by Thermal Evaporation of Zinc Metal
PV13PV-P.07S. PradhanEffect of Nanostructured Zinc Oxide on Organic Solar Cell Efficiency
PV39PV-P.08Jhuma GopeGrowth of nanocrystalline silicon films by VHF PECVD
PV18PV-P.09Neeraj DwivediBand gap engineering of hydrogenated amorphous carbon thin films for solar cell application
PV15PV-P.10Susnata BeraOlive Oil Capped CdSe Quantum Dots for Hybrid Photovoltaic Device Applications
PV21PV-P.11Debjit DattaOptical Effects in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Based Thin Film Solar Cells
PV22PV-P.12Abhale Atul PrakashDetermination of temperature dependence of minority carrier diffusion length using LBIC
PV24PV-P.13Surendra Kumar SoniDevelopment of a-Si:H Single Junction n-i-p Solar Cell on Steel Substrates at Low Substrate Temperature Entirely by HWCVD Process
PV26PV-P.14Usha PariharStructural and Optical Properties of Flash Evaporated CuIn0.81Al0.19Se2Thin Films
PV28PV-P.15Anirban BaguiHole Mobility Improvement in Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl) Films Formed by Thermal Annealing in an Electric Field during Solvent Drying Step
PV40PV-P.16Ramesh SachdevaEffect of substrate temperature on the structural, electrical and optical properties of tin diselenide (SnSe2) thin films
PV17PV-P.17N. Parvathala ReddyHopping Conduction and Meyer-Neldel Rule in Nanocrystalline Silicon Thin Films
PV41PV-P.18N.KumarInfluence of the Film Thickness on the Structural, Morphological and Optical Properties of SnSe Thin Films Deposited at Room Temperature
PV29PV-P.19Brij Mohan AroraInvestigation of anomalous behavior of p a-Si:H/n c-Si heterojunction solar cell
PV32PV-P.20Shailendra Kumar GuptaEffect of ZnO layer thickness on the inverted organic solar cell performance
PV33PV-P.21Reeti BajpaiImproved performance of dye sensitized solar cell by using graphene based nanocomposite counter electrode
PV36PV-P.22Shahaji MoreOptimization of AZO and Its Influence on c-Si/a-Si Heterojunction Solar cells
PV37PV-P.23Shivam RastogiUnderstanding Degradation Mechanism of Bulk Heterojunction Organic Photovoltaic Devices
PV34PV-P.24Nilesh Atmaramji WadibhasmeOptimization of device quality a-Si:H thin films at varied silane flow rate by HWCVD
PV35PV-P.25Mohit AgarwalStudy of thickness dependent conductivity in phosphorus doped n-type a-Si:H films by HWCVD
VLSI & ULSI Technology
(Wednesday, December 21, 2011 from 2:00PM to 4:00PM)
NT12VT-P.01Chhandak MukherjeeTrapping/de-trapping by Interface Traps in SiGe:C Channel Heterojunction PMOSFETs
VT12VT-P.02Yogesh S. MahisagarDeposition of porous low-k thin films using Tween 80 porogen for ILD application in ULSI circuits
VT14VT-P.03Nida-ul-AminPerformance and Comparison of a Differential LNA in SOI-DTMOS and SOI-DTMOS based Novel Structure
VT1VT-P.04Sandeep DhariwalAnalysis of SWCNT over Ground Plane & Application as VLSI Interconnects
NT32VT-P.05Abdollah AbbasiElimination of Bipolar Induced Drain Breakdown Effects in Submicron PD SOI MOSFET’s Using InAs in Source
NT51VT-P.06Abhijit BiswasDevice Characteristics and Parameters of High Performance Long-channel Ge pMOSFETs with Different Channel-orientations
VT28VT-P.07Ashish KumarChemical Passivation of GaN Surface by Treatment in Ammonium Sulfide Solutions