Invited Speakers

Name Affiliation Abstract title
Plenary Speakers
Prof. Paul R. BergerOhio State University Columbus, USAQuantum Tunneling Electronics for Ultra-Low Power Scaled CMOS
Prof. Chennupati JagadishAustralian National University, Canberra, AUSTRALIAIII-V Semiconductor Nanowires for Optoelectronic Device Applications
Prof. Hiromichi Ohashi National Institute of AIST, Umezono, JAPANAdvanced Power Devices for Next Generation Power Electronics
Prof. Ananth DodabalapurUniversity of Texas, Austin, USACharge Transport in Polymer and Amorphous Oxide Transistors
Prof. David CahenWeizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAELAssessing possibilities for Solar Cells by identifying basic limitations to PV Performance
Prof. Colin WoldenColorado School of Mines Golden, USAPhotovoltaic Manufacturing: Present Status, Future Prospects and Research Needs
Dr. Subramanian S. IyerIBM Systems & Technology Group, New York, USAScaling in the Third Dimension – Prospects for Silicon-based Interposer and 3D Integration
Dr. G. RajeswaranMoser Baer India Ltd., Greater Noida, INDIAAdvances in Solid State Lighting
Prof. Ranjit PatiMichigan Technological University, Michigan , USAMolecular Switch exhibiting negative differential resistance behavior: Understanding the underlying physics
Prof. Priya VashishtaUniversity of Southern California, Los Angeles, USAMultimillion Atom Simulations of Reactive Nanosystems
Prof. Prabhakar MisraHoward University, Washington, USANumerical Modeling and Simulation of Nanobubble Formation on Nanomaterial Substrates and Adsorption of Rare Gas Atoms in Carbon Nanotubes
Prof. Manfred ReicheMax Planck Institute , Weinberg, GERMANYCharacterization of Dislocation-Based Nanotransistors
Prof. S. MaikapChang Gung University, Kwei-Shan,TAIWANGermanium Based Materials for Low Power Nanoscale Resistive Switching Memory Applications
Prof. Navkanta BhatIndian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, INDIAGraphene Transistors for CMOS Applications : Opportunities and Challenges
Prof. Jacob ChackoIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, INDIAGrowth of multiwall carbon nanotubes – role of the catalyst
Prof. Dhananjay KumarNorth Carolina A&T State University Greensboro, USAPulsed laser deposition assisted fabrication of nano-dimensional metallic particles and wires for magnetic and biological applications
Prof. Vinod TewaryNational Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, USAMultiscale Modeling of Thermoelastic Characteristics of Graphene
Device Modeling
Prof. Ken UchidaTokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, JAPANThermal-Aware Device Design of Nanoscale MOS Transistors
Prof. Sayeef SalahuddinUniversity of California, Berkely, USANegative Capacitance in a Ferroelectric-Dielectric Heterostructure for Ultra Low Power Computing
Prof. W. H. A. Schilders Eindhoven University of Technology, NETHERLANDSNumerical simulation of organic and inorganic semiconductor devices
Prof. Kaustav BanerjeeUniversity of California, Santa Barabara, USAGraphene based Green Electronics
Dr. M. GovindrajanIBM SRDC, Bengaluru, INDIACompact Modeling of SOI technologies for RF Front-End Module Applications
Prof. M. B. PatilIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIAModeling and Parameter Extraction of MOSFETs at 77K
Prof. R. S. GuptaUniversity of Delhi, Delhi, INDIATCAD Based Performance Assessment of Dual Material Gate AlGaN/GaN HEMT
Dr. Mohit BajajIBM SRDC, Bengaluru, INDIA Challenges in Modeling 22nm and Beyond Devices
Dr. Ramakrishna RaoGE Global research, Bengaluru, INDIADesign and Modeling of high voltage (>1kV) SiC MOSFETs
Prof. M. P. Ananthram University of Washington, Washington, USAElectrical Transport in Biomolecules
Prof. S. KarmalkarIndian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, INDIACurrent-Voltage Characteristics of Nanowire Junctions
Dr. Roberto SuayaMentor Graphics Corporation, Wilsonville, FRANCESome Results Pertaining Electromagnetic Characterization and Model Building for Passive Systems Including TSVs, for 3-D IC’s Applications
Prof. Ashwin SeshiaUniversity of Cambridge, Cambridge, UKThe design of high-Q silicon MEMS oscillators
Prof. Sanjay KrishnaUniversity of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USAThe Infrared Retina: Bioinspired Sensing Using Nanoscale Superlattices and Quantum Dots
Prof. Siddhartha GhoshUniversity of Illinois, Chicago, USAImpact Ionization Engineered Type-II Strain Layer Supelattice Avalanche Photodiodes for Linear Mode Photon Counting Applications
Prof. Sunanda DharUniversity of Calcutta, Kolkata, INDIAMelt growth of GaAs1-xNx (x=0.01) epitaxial layers for photoconductive devices
Prof. S. ChakrabartiIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIAMolecular Beam Epitaxy of Quaternary (InAlGaAs) capped In(Ga)As/GaAs Quantum Dot heterostructure and devices
Prof. P. ChakrabartiMotilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad, INDIAUltraviolet Photodetectors based on Metal/ZnO thin-film Contacts
Prof. R. SinghIndian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, INDIAMultiphonon Resonant Raman Scattering in Nonpolar GaN Epitaxial Layers
Prof. Samit K. RayIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, INDIALight Emission Characteristics of Undoped and Rare Earth Doped Germanium Nanocrystals
Prof. Devki N. TalwarIndiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, USAPhysics and Applications of Novel Dilute III-V Nitrides
Prof. S. B. KrupanidhiIndian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, INDIACarrier transport in InN based heterojunctions grown by plasma assisted molecular beam epitaxy
Dr. Philip KlipsteinSemiconductor Devices Haifa, ISRAELMWIR Photodetectors at SCD with High Operating Temperatures
Prof. Anirban BhattacharyaUniversity of Calcutta, Kolkata, INDIAAlGaN based Quantum Wells and Quantum Dots for Ultraviolet Emission
Prof. ShivaprasadJNCASR, Bangalore, INDIAEpitaxial growth and nanostructure formation on c-Sapphire and silicon surfaces
High Frequency Device
Prof. Shinichi NishizawaNational Institute of AIST Umezono, JAPANWafer Requirement for Future Power Electronics
Prof. Ichiro Omura Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Prefecture, JAPANIGBT: History, Principle and the Future
Prof. Philip MawbyUniversity of Warwick, Coventry, UK3C-Silicon Carbide Epitaxy a novel approach to epitaxial growth for power devices
Dr. Sukhendu Deb RoyFairchild Semiconductor, Pune, INDIANew Generation MOSFET Design for Battery Powered Portable Applications
Dr. Gourab MajumdarMitsubishi Electric Corporation, Fukuoka City, JapanPower Device Technologies Catering for Efficient Energy Conversion
Prof. Merlyne De SouzaUniversity of Sheffield, Sheffield, UKRF Power Amplifier: Pushing the Boundaries of performance Versus Cost
Dr. Tirthajyoti Sarkar Fairchild Semiconductor, Pune, INDIAOptimized shielded-gate trench MOSFET technology for high-frequency, high-efficiency power supplies
Prof. Praveen Shenoy Rajagiri School of Engineering & Technology, Cochin, INDIAHigh Voltage Superjunction Technology Development Trends
Prof. Dipankar Saha Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIAGaN/AlGaN Based High Electron Mobility Transistors
Prof. Dhrubesh BiswasIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, INDIAFabrication and Integration of III-V Hetero-Devices on Silicon Substrate
Prof. Ranbir SinghGeneSiC Semiconductor Inc., Dulles, USAUltra-Fast/High Voltage SiC Thyristor-based Devices
Organic Electronics
Prof. Lay-Lay ChuaNational University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge, SINGAPOREStructure and Transport Properties of p-Stackable Semi-crystalline Polythiophene Semiconductor
Prof. Christian KlocNanyang Technological University, Nanyang Avenue, SINGAPOREControl of Defects and Dopants in Single Crystals of Organic Semiconductors
Prof. Amlan J. PalIndian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata, INDIAMaterials to Devices: From Organic Semiconductors to Organic Electronics
Dr. Dinesh KabraUniversity of Cambridge, Cambridge, UKRecent Advancement in Hybrid Optoelectronics
Prof. K. L. NarasimhanTata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, INDIACan we get information regarding disorder broadening in organic semiconductors from capacitance spectroscopy ?
Dr. S. P. SinghShiv Nadar University, Greater Noida, INDIADevice physics of highly performing field effect transistor and organic photovoltaic devices based on PDPP-TNT polymer
Prof. C. Daniel FrisbieUniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USANew Materials for Printed Polymer Electronics
Dr. Moazzam AliChemnitz University of Technology, Chemnitz, GermanyPrinted Paper Photovoltaics
Prof. David CahenWeizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, ISRAELProteins as solid state electronic materials
Prof. Subhasis GhoshJawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, INDIA Unification of Charge Carrier Transport in Small Organic Molecule Based Diode and Field Effect Transistors
Dr. Th. Birendra Singh CSIRO Materials Science and Engineering, Clayton, AUSTRALIACharge transport and recombination in small molecule solar cells
Prof. John KymissisColumbia University, New York, USA Photocurrent And Noise Analysis as Alternative Approaches to Understanding OFET Behavior
Displays and Lighting
Dr. Pani KumarMarvell India Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru, INDIABacklight Dimming Techniques for Large Area Liquid Crystal Display TVs
Prof. T. N. RuckmongathanRaman Research Institute, Bengaluru, INDIABit Slice Addressing of Fast Switching Bi-Stable Displays and Multi-Bit Slice Addressing of State of the Art Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays
Prof. J. KumarAnna University, Chennai, INDIAOn light emission based on Nitrides
Dr. S. KrishnamurthyScientific Adviser and Business Consultant, UKAdvances in OLED materials
Dr. Tukaram HatwarGuardian Industries Inc., Science & Technology Center, Carleton, USAAdvances in White OLED Technology for Full-Color AMOLED Displays and Solid-State Lighting Applications
Prof. P. KathirgamanathanBrunel University, London, UKOLEDs for Displays and Lighting: Materials, Processing and Production
Dr. Madhusudan Singh University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX, USAOrganic Light Emitting Diodes – promise, past results and future trends
Dr. Deepak LoombaDe Core, INDIAManufacturing Fab for Solid State Lighting in India
MEMS and Sensors
Prof. Ashwin SeshiaUniversity of Cambridge, Cambridge, UKMicrofabricated Electro-Acoustic Biosensors
Prof. Ajay AgarwalCentral Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani, INDIAHighly Reproducible Nanowires & Nano-Gap based Sensors
Prof. Rudra PratapIndian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, INDIADesign of High-Q Dynamic MEMS Sensors
Prof. Sudhir Chandra Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi, INDIAIntegration of MEMS with Nanostructured Metal-oxide Materials for Improved Sensors for Volatile Organic Compounds
Dr. Amita GuptaSolid State Physics Laboratory, New Delhi, INDIARecent Developments in Deformable Mirrors based on MEMS Technology
Prof. M. ManivannanIndian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, INDIAMEMS Challenges in Haptics
Prof. Amit AgarwalIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIAFlow Boiling in Microchannel with Application to Electronic Cooling
Dr. Vasuda BhatiaAmity University, New Delhi, INDIADecorating Multi Walled Carbon NanoTubes with Palladium and Nickel Nanoparticles and Their Applications in Chemical, Gas and Bio-Sensing
Prof. V. K. JainAmity University, New Delhi, INDIADetection of Explosives using MEMS and Nanotechnology
Prof. Rolf BrendelInstitut GmbH Hameln, Emmerthal, GERMANY Surface Passivation with Aluminum Oxide for Efficient Crystalline Thin-film Solar Cells
Dr. S. BhattacharyaBHEL ASSCP, Gurgaon, INDIATemperature Effects on Electrical Parameters of Large Area, Silicon Hetero Junction Solar Cells
Prof. Hari UpadhyayaLoughborough University, Leicestershire, UKDye-Sensitised Solar Cells: An Approach towards Low Cost, Energy Generation
Dr. Rajeev JindalMoser Baer India Ltd., Greater Noida, INDIACIGS Solar Cells – An Industrial Perspective
Prof. Achintya DharIndian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, INDIAOrganic Photovoltaics : Paths to achieve higher efficiency
Dr. Lars Müller-MeskampUniversität Dresden George-Bähr, Dresden, GERMANYAlternative transparent electrodes for organic photovoltaics: PEDOT:PSS, Ag Nanowires, and Carbon Nanotubes
Prof. Christine LuscombeUniversity of Washington, Washington USACreating polymer nanostructures in organic photovoltaic devices
Dr. Prakash SuratkarTATA BP Solar, INDIAOn industrial silicon solar cell performance improvements through process optimizations
Prof. Satyendra KumarLanco Solar, INDIATechnological challenges in PV: From materials to systems
Dr. Suresh ChandNational Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, INDIAPolymer Photovoltaics- for Bright Future
Prof. B. M. AroraIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIAIII-V Multi-junction Solar Cells: Materials, Devices and Characterization
Dr. Ashish GargIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur, INDIALifetime and Reliability Issues in Organic Solar Cells
Dr. Gangadhar RaoLanco Solar, INDIAManufacturing Ecosystem for Photovotaics and Microelectronics in India
Prof. Ashok SrivastavaLouisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USACarbon-based Electronics - Transistors and Interconnects for Nano Scale Integration
Dr. Abhishek DixitIBM India Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru, INDIAMeasurement and Analysis of Source/Drain Contact Resistance in FinFETs
Prof. Anil KottantharayilIndian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, INDIAJunctionless Field Effect Transistor: Challenges and Prospects in the Deca Nanometer Regime
Dr. S. BaraiIBM India Pvt Ltd., Bengaluru, INDIAOptical lithography process development and process variability effects on printability