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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Ph.D Program in Civil Engineering

Ph.D degree is offered in the following specializations of Civil Engineering,

Candidates with both Bachelors and Masters degree in Civil Engineering can join the Ph.D program. Candidates with degrees in other branches of engineering and science and also considered in certain specializations. Admission is possible in both July and December semesters.

  1. Admission Criteria for Ph.D in Civil Engineering
  2. Course and Thesis Credits for Ph.D Students
  3. Teaching Assistantship for Ph.D Students
  4. Thesis Supervisor Selection Process for Ph.D Students
  5. Program Committee for Ph.D Students
  6. Comprehensive Examination for Ph.D Students
  7. State of the Art Seminar for Ph.D Students
  8. Tutorship for Ph.D Students
  9. Ph.D Seminars
  10. Open Seminar for Ph.D Students
  11. Ph.D Thesis Submission and Evaluation
  12. No Dues and Provisional Degree

Typical Duration of Ph.D Program
Schedule of Forms to be Submitted during the Ph.D Program
Extension of Scholarship
Academic Extension
Computational Facilities
Office Space
Attending Conferences
Leave Rules
Cash Award for Publications

Other issues concerning Ph.D admission and administration of the Ph.D program are explained in the PG manual.