Computer Centre, IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 

Computer Centre (CC) Accounts Charges for the Non-Students and Non-Institute-Employees:

S.No.DesignationConditionTypes of AccountAmount (p.m.)Source
1. Project Assistant and above. Reco & valid appointment with file No. Web/Shell 200 / 1000 Automatic Deduct from Salary/ Project/ Self payment
2. PDF (Project) Valid Document with File No. Web/ Shell (at par with PhD student) 200 / 1000 Project/ Self Payment
3. PDF (IITK/ CSIR/ UGC RAship) Valid Document with File No. Web/ Shell (at par with PhD student) Free Free
4. Trainee (Summer Internship) Valid DOAA Appointment with File No. Web/Shell 200 / 1000 Self deposit or payment transfer
5. Apprentice Trainee Valid Appointment with File No. Web/Shell  Free / 1000 As per the recommendation
6. SIDBI (Company) Valid Document Web/Shell  1000/5000 Transfer from Salary/ Project
7. SIDBI (Other like project/Institute) Valid Appointment Web/Shell  200 / 5000 Self-deposit or as per the recommendation
8. Work Assignment in project Reco from Dean R&D or PI Web/Shell  200 / 1000 Same as S.No.1
9. Others like Visiting students, SURGE students etc. To be decided on a case to case

 Charges for using Computer Centre (CC) facilities for the Workshops, Conferences, Symposiums & Courses (other than Regular Courses of IITK):

  • One e-mail account and reasonable web space will be given free for a conference/ symposium/ course provided the conference/ symposium/ course is an Institute approved event (here course means short courses or schools approved by QIP/CDTE, not IITK regular courses).
  • For web accounts of individual participants to enable them to use Internet during their visit to IITK, Rs.50/- per participant will be charged for a conference/symposium/course of duration less than 15 days. Case to case basis charge will be made for such events of duration more than 15 days.
  • If such an event also uses CC PC Lab facility, charges at the rate of Rs.10/- per hour per PC will have to be paid to CC. All these amounts will be directly deposited to CC DPA.


 See minutes of CCCC meetings held on 15-12-2009 & 20-01-2012 for further details.