Computer Centre, IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 

CC is organizing an online training session for institute staff members on Microsoft Excel and Word. Training will be given by experts from Microsoft.

Date: 30 May 2023 
Time: 11:00 AM (will last approx. 2 hours, including clarifications of doubts)

Registration Link: 

Contents covered in the training session:

Excel Advanced Features
  1. Excel start Screen Explanations (Format Painter, Wrap Text, Merge Center, Border Creation, Indenting, Alignment, Cell Style Creation, Freezing Panes, Transposing, Print Preview)
  2. Statistical Data Analysis with Excel (Moving Average, Hypothesis, Anova, Covariance, Correlation, Regression, Multi Linear Regression, Logistic regression, Normal Distribution, Histogram, Descriptive Statistics)
  3. Macros Usage in Excel (Mean, Correlation, Duplicate Removal)
  4. Conditional Formatting, Flash fill, Custom Sorting, Subtotal creation, and Data Validation.
  5. Data Chart and Sparklines creation and visualization
  7. Pivot Table creation and Slicers in Excel
  8. Few Excel formulas with use cases discussion.
Word Advanced Features
  1. Microsoft Word Start Screen Tools description and text formatting.
  2. Paragraph layout, Shading, and Borders
  3. Page design, Style
  4. AI features in word
  5. Special Symbol, table, and Image Insertion in Word
  6. Header and footer creation in word
  7. Creating Table of Content and Translating Documents
  8. Document Track Change option
  9. Auto Formatting and Dictation feature in Word document
  10. Mail Merge Using Word to send bulk mail.