Computer Centre, IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur 

Computer Centre

Computer Centre (CC) caters to the computational and IT related needs of the academic as well as residential community at IIT Kanpur.

CC has five state of the art Data Centres with precision air conditioning for housing all the CC facilities as well as large clusters of the project PIs, office automation servers, telephone exchange and other institute servers.

All the CC facilities are backed up by a UPS system and diesel generator for 24 hours uninterrupted supply.

The entire facility is open round the clock.

  1. High Performance Computing.
  2. Institute Local Area Network covering academic area, residential area and students’ hostels.
  3. Hosting of Websites and Personal Homepages of Users
  4. Email facility to over 15000 users.
  5. Computer Labs.
  6. Various software for specialized research and general use by the campus.

CC is running help-desk facility for the users.

A user can contact help-desk personals in the room CC - 101 from 9 AM to 5:30 PM on all working days (Phone- 7239) or mail to helpdesk[AT]

Here are the common problems handled by help-desk:

  1. New Login/Renewal (Shell, web, email).
  2. Change of Password.
  3. NT Problems.
  4. File Restore from Central File Server Backup.
  5. User Quota Problems (Disk, Page, Plot).
  6. Login Problems.
  7. Proxy Setting problems.
  8. Enabling of disabled Logins.
  9. CC-Server problems.
  10. CC No Dues.