Primary Faculty


Amitabha Bandyopadhyay


Skeletal development and differentiation.

Arun Kumar Shukla


Structural biology; cellular signaling; combinatorial biology

Ashok Kumar


Downstream processing; affinity interactions and cell separations; nanotechnology; biomaterials; tissue engineering

Ashwani Kumar Thakur


Protein aggregation in diseases and therapeutic design; self assembly of proteins; biopharmaceuticals

Bushra Ateeq


Molecular oncology and cancer therapeutics

Dhirendra S. Katti (Head)


Tissue engineering; controlled drug delivery system; biomaterials

Ganesh, S


Neurobiology of disorders, stress biology, and human genetics

Hamim Zafar (jointly with CSE)


Computational biology; probabilistic modeling; single-cell biology; evolution and cancer

Jayandharan G. Rao


Gene therapy, Human molecular genetics

Jonaki Sen


Vertebrate neuronal development

Mainak Das


Bio-electricity, green energy, physiology, and sensor

Nitin Gupta


Neuroscience, insect olfaction, computational biology, digital interventions for mental health

Nitin Mohan (Joining Dec 2018)


Optical engineering; super-resolution microscopy; applications in neurodegenerative disorders, lysosomal storage disease & cancer

Pradip Sinha


Drosophila cancer genetics and therapeutics

Sankararamakrishnan, R.


Modeling and simulation of biomolecules; bioinformatics

Santosh K. Misra


Biosensors, personalized medicine, bubble therapy, 3D-printed biomedical devices, carbon composites, drug delivery systems, nanocomposites.

Saravanan Matheshwaran


Chromatin dynamics and DNA repair


Former Faculty


Anupam Pal 


Years of service at BSBE: 2006-2012.

Subramaniam, K.


Years of service at BSBE: 2002-2015. Now at IITM.

Balaji Prakash


Years of service at BSBE: 2002-2016. Now at CFTRI, Mysore.