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  1. Lanthanide-doped nanomaterials: Applications in solid state lighting.
  2. Large area surface and sub-surface patterning of soft interfaves harnessing the instabilities in nano-films.
  3. Fast, large area nano-patterning of soft films
  4. (A) Mesoporous carbon bsed micro/nano materials for energy applcations.
      (B) Functional porous electrospun nanofibures for environment, health and energy applications.
  5. Investigation into development of low-cost nanostructured organic solar cells with emphasis on life time and     relaibility issues.
  6. Application of Nanotechnology to PEM Fuel Cell:A Novel Approach to solve Energy Problem.


Biology and Health:


  1. Nanoengineered polymer and amorphous carbon particles/capsules: Versatile drug carrier and bioimaging agents.
  2. Investigation of vell-materials interaction on nanoextured bioactive surfaces.
  3. DNA fractionation using surface electrophoresis on nano-patterned surfaces with different energy levels.
  4. Super-long carbon nano-tube based dry adhesive.
  5. Development and comprehensive characterization if protien aggregate based materials.
  6. Fabrication of responsive surfaceswith tunable nano-roughness and study of the wetting transitions.
  7. Patterning of Protiens at Nanoscale Using Biotin-Avidin.
  8. Biotic-Abiotic Interface at the Nanoscale.




  1. Prepartion and Characterization of carbon based nanoadsorbents and nanocatalysts for mitigation of gaseous,     aqueous and biosystems.