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Rules for Clean Labs

Biometric access to enter clean labs will be provided to all members who intend to use facilities frequently. Request form is available at,



    1. Biometric access is provided to members for personal entry only.  One should not allow other persons to enter the labs using their finger prints. If it is done, make sure that he/she has entered details in the visitor’s book kept at the reception.
    1. New members will be given access to enter clean labs at least after working inside for two weeks. However, access to main door will be given immediately after completing all formalities.
    1. BTP students will not be given access to labs. They are not suppose to work inside clean labs alone.
  1. Proper gowning is required to enter clean labs. No one is allowed to enter inside the clean room with woolens, track suit, caps, socks etc.
  1. All members should hang their gowns properly before leaving the lab
  1. Outside items like Book, register, laptop etc.. are NOT allowed inside the Clean Room. Papers kept inside can be used for making notes.
  1. No body is allowed to take out any item outside the lab (eg Tools, Components, Manuals etc..)
  1. Samples and other items can be brought inside only through PASS BOX
    1. No eatables are allowed inside Clean Room.
  1. No Fast Movement and Shouting is allowed inside.
  1. Nobody is allowed to work ALONE during OFF hours (7 pm – 8 am) and on Holidays.
  1. Avoid moving in and out the lab frequently.
  1. Enter details of experiments done in the LOG BOOK before leaving the lab.
  1. Use of PEN DRIVES and USED CD/DVD to copy data from the computer is strictly prohibited, Only fresh CD/DVD can be used for this purpose. 
  1. Switch off  all lights except one (having red mark on the switch)  before leaving lab in off hours.
  1. If you see anything abnormal in the building report immediately.
  1. All members will take part in the Weekly Cleaning of the lab in which they work.
  1. Nobody is allowed to move items (equipment, furniture etc) from one place to another inside the building.
  1. No one will be allowed to use the facility without booking. There is booking procedure for each equipment.