Electrical Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Directions to the Department of Electrical Engineering

Reaching Department from IITK Gate

Department of Electrical Engineering is located in building popularly known as ACES, which stands for Advanced Center for Electronic Systems

You can reach the department from any of the gates of the Academic area

From Gate no 1: Walk straight upto the faculty building. Cross it and the follow the brick path. You will reach a building made up of red bricks. And that is ACES

From Gate no 2: Walk upto the Faculty Lounge. Turn left. Go past the Library (near fountains). You will be approching the Faculty Building. Walk straight from faculty building keeping gate no. 1 in the back.

From Gate no 3: Go past the Lecture Hall Complex and follow the brick path. Go past the Western Labs and continue walking on brick path. You will see ACES to your left.

Reaching IITK from Kanpur Railway Station (cantt side - platform no 1 side)

This is a preferred route as compared to coming in from the city side.

From the cantt side of Kanpur Railway Station, taxis and three wheelers are available. Typically the fare is 250 INR.

They will drop you to your destination within the campus

Reaching IITK from Kanpur Railway Station (city side)

Our campus is about 18 Km away from Kanpur Central Railway Station. From the city side(Ghanta Ghar side) of the station, you may hire an autorickshaw and reach IIT Kanpur.

Alternately, you may hire a cycle richshaw upto Bara Chouraha and then travel by a shared tempo to IIT Gate.

You have a choice of walking upto the department or take a cycle rickshaw to get to the department from IIT Gate.

Reaching IITK from Lucknow Airport

Hire a taxi from Lucknow airport for IIT Kanpur. Typically the fare is 1500 INR. Taxi fares are subjective and can change

After reaching the IIT gate follow instructions from above to reach the department. Please note that you will need to park the car in the parking lot in front of the faculty building to be able to follow the above instructions