Sponsored Projects (2009-2014)

The Department is actively involved in computational and experimental research in various fields of Civil Engineering, which is sponsored by a variety of government and private agencies. Following are the topics of sponsored research undertaken by the faculty of the Department in the past five years


Environmental Engineering

  • Zero Discharge Toilet System (ZDTS)

  • South Asian Precipitation: A Seamless Assessment Saprise

  • Analysis of Size-Segregated Composition and Distribution of Organic Compounds on Ambient Air Particles: Season Variations in Urban Environment in Northern India

  • Physico-Chemical Characterization of Nano-Particle Emanating from Diesel Engines & Their Control using Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

  • Water Quality Surveillance And Supportive Supervision in Drinking Water Sector in UP

  • Exhibition cum Scientific Display on the Occasion of Kumbh-2013

  • Installation Of Zero Discharge Toilet Systems (Zdts) At Kumbh 2013, Allahabad

  • Modelling Relative Impact Of Aerosol And Lulc Changes On Regional Climate Of Ganga Basin

  • Indnor: Hydrologic Sensitivity To Cryosphere-Aerosol Interaction In Maintain Processes (Hycamp)

  • Experimental Evaluation Of Aerosols Behaviour Relevant To Indian Nuclear Reactors

  • Developing A Sustainable Solution For Tannery Waste Management Through Aus Aid's Public Sector Linkage Program

  • Biodegradation of Petroleum Sludge

  • Novel Methods to Perform Personal Health & Exposure Measurement using Limited Resources

  • Comparative Chemical Characterization and Evaluation of Toxic Potential of Metals And PAHs Present in Both Primary And Secondary Particulates Emitted from Combustion in Diesel vs Biodiesel Engines

  • Development & Field Application of A Multipurpose Sampler for Indoor Air Pollution Measurement

  • Piloting Zero Discharge System in House Boat Dal

  • Collation of Water Quality and Pollution Data of The River Ganga in The Gangotri-Kanpur Stretch

  • Understanding the Role of Cosmic Ray Induced Ionization on Aerosol and Cloud Microphysics. A Case Study of Total Solar Eclipse in 2009 & 2010

  • Atmospheric Haze: Adverse Impacts on Glaciers & Cultural Heritage in India

  • Development of A Non-Hydrostatic Finite-Volume Icosahedral Model For Regional/Global Climate Simulation and Weather Forecast

  • Measurement of Aerosol and Liquid Droplet Size Distributions and Validation of Aerosol and Droplet Microphysical Models

  • Developing Low Carbon Cities in India: Focus on Urban Infrastructures, Climate Risks & Vulnerability





Geotechnical Engineering

  • Investigation on Seismic Response of Two Closely Placed Shallow Ground Anchors

  • Geo-Technical Engineering with Reference to Formation

  • A Study on Seismic Soil-Foundation-Structure-Interaction using Laminar Container

  • Reinforced Earth Design of Embankment Cuts In Railways

  • Evaluation of Liquefaction Potential of Fly Ash Dyke

  • Investigation of Dynamic Interference Effect of Two Nearby Shallow Foundations

  • Study of Liquefaction Potential Alluvial Soil along Indo-Gangetic Plains

  • Ground response analysis of soils from north india considering soil strain

  • Hydro-mechanical behaviour of unsaturated soil barriers of landfill lining systems

  • Dynamic response of foundation components through full scale field tests





  • Monitoring of Permanent GPS Station at IIT Kanpur

  • Developing Standards for Airborne Lidar Data Acquisition

  • CAST: Allahabad




Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering

  • Flood Modeling for A Trans-Boundary River under Defense Strategic Scenarios: Physical Model

  • Monsoon Rainfall Forecasting using Neural Networks

  • Preparation of Ganga River Basin Management Plan




Structural Engineering

  • Response Modification of Nonstructural Components Due to Nonlinear Behavior of Supporting Structures

  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation Ltd. Chair

  • Creating A International Programme for Sustainable Infrastructure Development under Obama - Singh 21st Century Knowledge Initiative (OSI) Grant

  • Vibration Mitigation of Power Plant Chimneys: Analytical and Wind Tunnel Study

  • Performance Evaluation and Robust Design Optimization of Shape Memory Alloy Based Isolation System

  • A Hybrid Scheme for Enhancing Seismic Performance of A Open - Ground Story RC Buildings

  • Aluminium Shear-Links for Passive Control of Seismic Response of Truss Moments Frames

  • Pulse-Type Ground Motion: Engineering Characterization and Effects on Structural Response

  • A study on seismic soil-foundation-structure-interaction using laminar container








Transportation Engineering

Suitability of California Bearing Ratio (CBR) Value in Railway Track Design