Dual Degree (Category-B) Program in Civil Engineering




A B. Tech/BS student from another department may opt for Category-B dual degree program in Civil Engineering during their 6th semester.  Such a student will obtain a B.Tech/BS degree from the parent department and an M.Tech in Civil Engineering.  Normal duration for the Dual degree program is 5 years (10-semesters).


Students in their 6th semester and wanting to opt for the dual degree program may apply in response to the call for admission to the CATEGORY-B dual degree program made during that semester. 


Students should have a minimum CPI of 6.0 at the time of applying for a dual degree program.  Additionally, students should have no more than 36-credit backlog in credits of their B. Tech program at the time of applying for the dual degree program. [Example: Consider a student applying for dual degree program after the 6th semesters in the B. Tech program.  Let us assume that the student is supposed to complete X credits after 6 semesters as per the suggested UG template of the CE department.  In order to apply for the dual degree program, the student must have completed at least (X – 36) credits.]

Total number of seats available each year in the CATEGORY-B Dual Degree program in Civil Engineering is 20.

Once accepted in the CATEGORY-B Dual Degree program in Civil Engineering, the student must choose a thesis supervisor and register in PG courses in consultation with the CE DUGC convener and the chosen thesis supervisor.  M. Tech in the following specializations of Civil Engineering is possible,


M. Tech (CE: Environmental):
Eligibility:       B. Tech in BSBE, CHE, ME, MSE
[Suggested template for M.Tech (CE: Environmental)]


M. Tech (CE: Hydraulics and Water Resources):
Eligibility:       B. Tech in AE, CHE, ME
[Suggested template for M. Tech (CE: Hydraulics and Water Resources)]


M. Tech (CE: Geoinformatics):          Pre-Requisite: At least D grade in CE331A
Eligibility:       B. Tech in CSE
[Suggested template for M.Tech (CE: Geoinformatics)]


M. Tech (CE: Transportation):            Pre-Requisite: At least D Grade in ESO202A
Eligibility:       B. Tech in AE, ME,
[Suggested template for M. Tech (CE: Transportation)]