Department-Forms for U.G. Studentt


Department-Forms for P. G. Students

Casual Leave Form For Students PDF  
Program Committee Form PDF  

No Dues Form For Students

Form Comprehensive Exam. PDF DOC
Form For Reporting PhD Presentations and Grades PDF DOC
Form MT Presentation PDF DOC
Form PhD Presentation PDF DOC
Form Thesis Supervisor Allocation PDF DOC

Guidelines for Ph.D. Students

Guidelines PDF  
PhD Guide PDF  

Department-Forms for Faculty

Application form for Out of Station leave (Special CL/Official Duty/Weekend or Holidays)



Contingency Advance PDF  
Book Reimbursement Form PDF  
Authorization Form PDF  
Form for Consultancy Project   DOC
Form for Reimbursement of Monthly Telephone Bills PDF  

Department-Forms for Staff


Department-Forms General

Asset Form

Medical Reimbursement Form

Authorization Form

Login Form

Book Reimbursement Form

Purchase Proposal Request Form

Casual Leave Form

Vehicle Requisition Form

Community Centre Booking Form

Visitor Hostel Form

Contingency Advance

Earned Leave cum Vacation Form

Departmental & Institute TA Advance Form

Festival Advance Form

LTC Form