Faculty Members and Areas of Research
Abhas Singh 
Environmental geochemistry of heavy metals and inorganic contaminants, Investigate physical and chemical processes such as adsorption, precipitation, and reduction-oxidation occurring at mineral-water-microbial interfaces, and relate them to larger scales, Predict inorganic contaminant fate and transport through surface complexation and flow-through reactor modeling, Develop tools to target contaminant remediation in natural as well as engineered environments.


Animesh Das 
Pavement materials, Pavement design, Pavement evaluation and maintenance.


Anubha Goel
Characterization of emissions from vehicular exhaust, Size segregated distribution of particulates and organic pollutants on aerosols, Environmental modeling, Fate and transport of pollutants, Solid Waste Management


Arghya Das
Constitutive modeling of geomaterials, Micromechanics of granular materials, Bifurcation & instability, analysis in geomaterials, Numerical & physical modeling in geotechnical engineering.


Ashu Jain
Rainfall-Runoff Modelling, Surface Hydrology,Stochastic Hydrology, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.


Bharat Lohani 
3D laser imaging and LCS measurement, Technology for motion correction and error analysis in laser scanning, Propagation modelling using high resolution LiDAR data (flood, sound, GPS signal), As built mapping using terrestrial laser scanning of complex structure including heritage structures, Development of LiDAR simulator-airborne and spaceborne, GIS for optimized land consolidation


Durgesh C. Rai
Experimental seismic behavior of structures, Seismic evaluation and strengthening, Energy dissipation devices,Masonry and Steel-RC composite members.


Harish K. Venkatanarayanan
Microstructure of cement based material, Material characterization techniques, Advancedcementitious materials, Sustainable construction materials, Repair and rehabilitation of concrete structures.


J. N. Malik 
Active Tectonics, Paleoseismology, Paleo-tsunami deposits, Geomorphology and Sedimentology.


Mukesh Sharma
Air quality modelling and management, Fate processes of organic pollutants and parameter estimation.


N. R. Patra 
Pile foundations, Soil structure interactions and Ground Engineering, Soil Arching, Liquefaction Potential Evaluation.


Onkar Dikshit
DIP, GIS, and Remote Sensing applications, Pattern recognition.


Partha Chakroborty
Traffic flow theory and Traffic Engineering, Travel Demand, Transit Systems and Vehicle Routing, Transport System Evaluation and Management.


Prishati Raychowdhury 
Soil dynamics, Geotechnical earthquake engineering, Seismic soil-structure interaction 


Priyanka Ghosh
Bearing capacity of foundations and Stability of slopes under both static and seismic cases, Method of characteristics, Upper bound limit analysis and Finite element analysis, Liquefaction analysis.


Purnendu Bose (Head of Department)
Physico-chemical processes for water and waste water treatment, Advanced oxidation processes for water and wastewater treatment, Abiotic remediation of groundwater resources.


Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy 
Geo-Environmental Engineering ,Ground Improvement Techniques, Numerical and Physical Modelling Techniques.


Rajesh Srivastava
Flow and transport through variably saturated porous media.


Sachchida Nand Tripathi 
Aerosol Optical Properties,Aerosol Microphysical properties, Cloud Microphysical Properties and Cloud Electrical Properties, Fog Vision, Electrical Properties of Mars atmosphere.


Samit Ray Chaudhuri
Structural dynamics and earthquake engineering, Performance evaluation of structural and nonstructural components and systems, Performance-based design and structural rehabilitation, Seismic soil-structure interaction, Structural health monitoring, Structural testing.


Sarvesh Chandra
Soil Structure Interaction, Ground Improvement Techniques, Rock Mechanics, d Openings, Computer Aided Design and Railway Geotechnology.


Saumyen Guha
Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment, Bioremediation, Microbial Ecology, Fate and Transport of Heavy Metals in the subsurface, Nutrient uptake in plants.


Sekhar K. Chakrabarti
Behavior and design of steel-concrete interface in Composite Construction, Advanced concrete Material, Structural Connections, Rehabilitation of Structures.


Shivam Tripathi
Statistical hydrology, Sediment transport, Eco-hydrology.


Sudhir K. Jain
Earthquake Engineering, Structural Dynamics.


Sudhir Misra
Durability and deterioration of concrete structures, Non-destructive testing, Concrete materials.


Sudib Kumar Mishra
Multiscale, Multiphysics in Mechanics and Materials, Stochastic, Robust Optimization of Structures, Uncertainty, Reliability of Structures, Structural Damage and Health Assessment.


Syam Nair

Pavement materials, Pavement maintenance and rehabilitation, Recycling of infrastructure materials, Chemical stabilization of soils/aggregate, Utilization of industrial by-products



Tarun Gupta 
Development of instruments for aerosol measurement, engineering control of particles in ambient and indoor settings, physico-chemical characterization of atmospheric pollutants, personal exposure assessment and health effects of inhaled particles.


Vinay K. Gupta
Random vibrations, Earthquake engineering. 


Vinod Tare
Water and wastewater treatment, modelling and simulation of environmental systems.


Vinod Vasudevan
Traffic safety, Sustainable transportation, Highway financing, Policy analyses.