Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

List of ongoing projects

Sponsored projects:
Sr. No.Start DatePrincipal InvestigatorCO Principal InvestigatorProject Title
1. 03-06-2013 C S Upadhyay ISHAN SHARMA Knowledge Incubation For Teqip- Ii
2. 22-12-2017 Mangal Kothari   Design & Development Of Aquatic Autonomous Observatory (Niracara Svayamsasita Vedhshala-Nsvs) For In Situ Monitoring, Real Time Data Transmission & Web Based Visualization (Sub Project- D) Dett. Of Ae
3. 17-01-2018 Dipak Kumar Giri A K GHOSH Fixed & Finitc Time Attitude Control Of Earth Pointing Satellites Using Mrp
4. 23-03-2018 Abhijit Kushari   Fist Programme Of Ae
5. 16-04-2018 Rakesh Kumar   Numerical Study Of Flow- Thermal Response Of A High Speed Vehicle With Ablative/Non-Ablative Thermal Protection System
6. 01-08-2018 Sanjay Mittal   J C Bose Fellowship
7. 07-03-2019 G. M. Kamath   Development And Demonstration Of Fibre-Optic Sensor-Based System For Aircraft Loads And Usage Monitoring
8. 28-03-2019 Pritam Chakraborty   Concurrent Multiscale Method For Micro-Crack Propagation In Polycrystalline Alloys
9. 30-03-2019 Abhijit Kushari   Passive Stall Control Of Turbo Machinery Blades Using Leading Edge Tubercles
10. 27-05-2019 Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno   An Experimental Investigation On Shock Wave Focusing And Associated High Tehmperature Radiating Flowfield
11. 31-05-2019 Rakesh Kumar   Sparc: Development Of Computational Model For Multi- Physics Simulation Of Flows During Planetary Landing Of Spacecrafts
12. 09-07-2019 Pritam Chakraborty   Modeling Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Behavior Of A Near Alpha Titanium Alloy For Compressor Disc/Bling Applications
13. 11-07-2019 Ashoke De   Sparc: Modeling Of Diluted Turbulent Spray Flames In Hot Coflow Using Les-Fgm
14. 11-09-2019 Rakesh Kumar   A New Capacitance Based Model For Sdbd Plasma Actuation
15. 07-11-2019 P. M. Mohite   Unidirectional Tape Pre-Preg Based Carbon/Epoxy Short Fiber Composites:Development Mechanical Characterization, Stiffness And Strength Predictions
16. 05-12-2019 Abhijit Kushari ASHOKE DE Development Of Integrated Dampers For Combustion Dynamics Abatement For Low Emission/Advanced, Biojet Fuel Gt Combustors
17. 21-12-2019 Ashoke De Aditya Hemchandra Kelkar Development Of Impurity Transport Code For Aditya-U Tokamak At Ipr Gandhinagar
18. 24-12-2019 Ajay Vikram Singh   Turbulent Boundary Layer Combustion For Propulsion And Fire Science Applications: Theoretical, Experimental And Computational Studies
19. 22-01-2020 Ashoke De   Investigation Of Near And Far Field Acoustics Due To The Jet Impingement On The Flame Deflector During Rocket Lift-Off
20. 22-01-2020 Rakesh Kumar   Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of Aerospike Nozzles For Effective Propulsion Systems
21. 03-02-2020 Arun Kumar Perumal   Turbulent Jet Manipulation Using Unsteady Injection
22. 21-02-2020 Rakesh Kumar   Development Of A Computational Model For Reentry Trajectory Analysis Of Space Debris
23. 17-03-2020 Rakesh Kumar   Coupling Of Particle-Based Dem And Dsmc Techniques For Undrstanding Dusty Gas Flow Dynamics
24. 19-03-2020 Sathesh Mariappan   Experimental Investigation Of Azimuthal Combustion Instability (Screech) In Annular Combustors/Afterburners Of Gas Turbine Engines
25. 19-03-2020 Subrahmanyam Saderla   Real Time Flight Vehicles Distress Management Using Inline System Identification
26. 28-05-2020 Mangal Kothari K S VENKATESH
Guidance And Control Of A Precision Guidance Kit (Pgk) For Existing 155mm Artillery Shell
27. 28-05-2020 Mangal Kothari K S VENKATESH
Design And Development Of A Ramjet Based Propulsion System And A Precision Guidance Kit(Pgk) For Existing 155 Mm Artillery Shell To Achieve Minimum 60 Km Range
28. 01-06-2020 Pritam Chakraborty   Microscale Modeling Of Steels
29. 20-06-2020 Mangal Kothari ABHISHEK . Autopilot And Trajectory Generation For Swarm
30. 03-07-2020 C S Upadhyay   Fabrication And Characterization Of A Low Cost Hybrid Composite Blast And Ballistic Applications
31. 12-08-2020 Sanjay Mittal SHARAD SAXENA
Low Speed Wind Tunnel Test On Amca, "Air Intake Model"
32. 07-10-2020 Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay   Development Of A Coupled Machine Learning Based Approach For Origami Inspired Deployable Multi-Functional Metamaterials
33. 07-10-2020 Vaibhav Kumar Arghode Ajay Vikram Singh Investigation Of Combustion Characteristics Of Carbon Coated Aluminium Nanoparticles
34. 09-10-2020 Sathesh Mariappan DEBOPAM DAS
Anand Singh
Experimental Identification Of Laminar To Turbulent Transition And Separation Locations Using In-House Made Temperature Sensitive Paint In Wings And Launch Vehicles
35. 15-11-2020 Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno   Experimental Investigation Of Leading-Edge Bluntness On Heat Transfer Rate And Flow Unsteadiness In Shock-Induced Boundary Layer Separation In A Scramjet Intake
36. 15-12-2020 Subrahmanyam Saderla   Miniature Pneumatic Recoil Management Mechanism For Micro Uav
37. 18-12-2020 C S Upadhyay RAJESH KITEY Mechanical Characterisation And Structural Intigrity Of Radar Absorbing Paints (Rap)
38. 19-12-2020 Tanmoy Mukhopadhyay   Uncertainty Resilient Multi- Harvester Metamaterials For Optimal Non-Linear Energy Harvesting
39. 28-12-2020 Sanjay Kumar RAKESH KUMAR Study Of Shocks Amd Wakes In Granular Flows
40. 31-12-2020 A K Ghosh   Design And Develop Indigenous Tactical Uav Wioth Maximum Local Content Through Collaboration Between The Parties
41. 10-01-2021 Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno ASHOKE DE Establishment Of Hypervelocity Expansion Tunnel Test Facility And Heat Flux Measurements Over Payload Configurations
42 01-05-2021 A K GHOSH   Drones For Vaccine Delivery-A Feasibility Study
43 22-06-2021 Arun Kumar Perumal   Fluidic Thrust Vectoring Of A Supersonic Jet
44 06-10-2021 Ajay Vikram Singh   Sensitizing Fuel Oxidizer Diluents Mixtures For Detonation Cycle Engines
45 28-12-2021 ASHOKE DE   Investigation Of Spray Characteristics At Elevated Temperature And Pressure Under Swirling Cross Flow
46 31-12-2021 Dipak Kumar Giri   Air-Bearing Based Table-Top Attitude Determination And Control System Simulator For Small Satellites: Designm Fabrication And Analysis
47 31-12-2021 Rajesh Ranjan   Computational Investigation Of Flow Over Low-Drag Turobrop Wings In Tractor Configuration
48 31-12-2021 Subrahmanyam Saderla   Design Optimization, Prototype Development And Wind Tunnel Testing Of A Foldable Tandem Wing Uav
49 11-02-2022 Vaibhav Kumar Arghode   Meaurement Of Species Concentration And Temperature Using Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy (Cars) In Combustors
50 25-02-2022 DEBOPAM DAS   Investigation Of Insect Flight In Turbulent And Gusty Conditions
51 10-03-2022 G. M. Kamath   Study On Ttc/Ttl Beyond 40 Years Of An-32 Aircraft
52 01-04-2021 ALAKESH CHANDRA MANDAL   Wind Tunnel Study For Existing Chimneys Of Rourkela Steel Plant Hot Strip Mill Project
53 01-04-2021 KAMAL PODDAR   Wind Tunnel Study Of 15m High Rc Wet Chimney With Steel Flue For Wet Fgd System Package For 1x500mw Btps-A Bokaro Jharkhand (Reissuance For New Conf Of Chimney Shell)
54 17-06-2021 Sanjay Kumar   Wind Tunnel Study For 250m High Rcc Chimney Of Fgd Project For 4x210mw & 2x250mw Mejia Tps Fgd Project
55 19-06-2021 Pritam Chakraborty   Physics Based Process Modeling Of Hot Isostatic Pressing (Hip): Influence Of Hydrostatic Pressure And Temperature On Consolidation/Density Distribution
56 25-07-2021 ABHISHEK .   Analysis Of Shock And Vibration Experienced During Crash Landing Of P-68 Observer-Ii Aircraft
57 01-08-2021 A K GHOSH   Flight Lab Training Program For Private Engineering Colleges
58 02-08-2021 ABHISHEK .   Uav Testing At IIT Kanpur
59 10-11-2021 KAMAL PODDAR   Wind Tunnel Testing Of 20-Sided High Mast Standard
60 13-01-2022 SANJAY MITTAL   Cfd Simulation Of Ram Air Parachute With Reflex Airfoil & Elliptical Planform
61 09-02-2022 SANJAY MITTAL   Wind Tunnel Aero Dynamic Model Study For Proposed Wet Stacks For Wlpgd Projects At Budge Budge Generating Station (Bbgs)
62 24-03-2022 SANJAY MITTAL   Services Of Parametric Aerodynamic Simulation Studies By Wind Tunnel Test And Computational Fluid Dyanamics For P15b Ships
63 31-03-2022 ALAKESH CHANDRA MANDAL   Wind Tunnel Model Design, Fabrication & Testing Of Unmanned Figher Aircraft
64 01-12-2021 Subrahmanyam Saderla   Reconfigurable Control Of Fixed Wing High Speed Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (2020446) (Special Grant)
65 20-09-2021 Arun Kumar Perumal   Acoustic Studio On Jet (Special Grant)
66 18-06-2021 Vaibhav Kumar Arghode   Serb-OVDF