Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

2017-2018-First Semester : Course Allocation(24.07.17)
Name17-18-1stTitle of Course
Sudhir Kamle AE673A Rocket and Missile Structure
C Venkatesan AE678 Theory of Vibrations
C.S. Upadhyay AE331A Introduction to Aerospace Structures
  MSO203B (T) Partial Diff. Equations
  AE682 (I-2) Analysis Of Composite Structures
Rajesh Kitey AE704A Deformation & Fracture
P.M. Mohite AE451A (I-3) Experiments in Aerospace Engineering - III
  ESO202A (T) Mechanics of Solids
Abhishek AE686A Helicopter Theory: Dynamics and Aeroelasticity
Pritam Chakaraborty AE670A Aerospace Structural Analysis-I
  TA101 (T) Engineering Graphics
G.M. Kamath AE688A Dynamics and Vibration
  ESO209A (T) Dynamics
P.D. Mangalgiri
(Visiting Professor)
AE682 (I-1) Analysis Of Composite Structures
T.K. Sengupta AE603(I-2) Inroduction to Scientific Computing
  AE605(I-2) Advanced Computational Fluid Mechanics
E Rathakrishnan AE311A Compressible Aerodynamics
Sanjay Mittal AE618A Finite Element Methods in Fluid Dynamics
Kamal Poddar AE614A Viscous Flows
Debopam Das AE610A Aerodynamics-I
Rakesh K Mathpal AE601A Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
  AE603 (I-1) Inroduction to Scientific Computing
A.C. Mandal AE201A Inroduction to Aerospace Engineering
  AE451A (I-1) Experiments in Aerospace Engineering - III
Sanjay Kumar AE606A Unsteady Gas Dynamics
  AE471 B.Tech Project (DUGC)
Mohd. Ibrahim S ESO204A (T) Fluid Mechanics and Rate Processes
Swagata Bhaumik MSO203B (T) Partial Diff. Equations
  AE605(I-1) Advanced Computational Fluid Mechanics
Ashish Tewari AE461A Aircraft Design
A.K. Ghosh AE647A Flight Dynamics
Mangal Kothari AE321A Flight Mechanics
D.P. Mishra AE663A Fundamentals of Combustion
  ESO201A (T) Thermodynamics
A Kushari AE664A Applied Compressible Flows
Ashoke De AE602A Mathematics for Aerospace Engineers
  AE451A (I-2) Experiments in Aerospace Engineering - III
Sathesh Mariappan TA101(I) Engineering Graphics
Vaibhav Arghode AE441A Rocket Propulsion
  AE401A Technical Communication

Note : I-Instructor, T-Tutor