Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Various UAV platforms designed and developed in Helicopter and MAV labWith the advancement in technology, ideas which existed only as science fiction, are becoming a reality. One such idea is the development of autonomous mini flying vehicle or Mini/ Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) no larger than a small bird. Accordingly, a lab focusing on the fundamentals of design, manufacturing and testing of systems and sub systems for a mini-helicopter is developed. Autonomous Mini-Helicopter which while weighing only a few kilograms incorporates most of the functions of a real life helicopter and achieves autonomous flight. This lab serves as a platform to test innovative ideas in the design, development, ground/flight testing of autonomous flying vehicle.

Focus Areas

Design and Development of avionics package (Sensing and actuation, Communication, Navigation, Automatic Flight Control and Ground Control) for autonomous flight of a mini Helicopter.

Flight Testing of autonomous Helicopter and expanding the utility by making the vehicle perform intelligent tasks.

Structural design and development of a mini helicopter, test bed for performance measurements, Control law design and validation.