Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The Propulsion Lab of the Aerospace Engineering Dept. of IIT Kanpur is well known for Research in the area of Propulsion and combustion. The lab has completed a number of sponsored and consultancy projects for different agencies.

The lab has all research level facilities. The lab is equipped with Low Speed Cascade Tunnel (30 cm x 38 cm) with variable speed upto 60 m/sec, Tunnel (7cm x 7 cm ) for LDA facility where jet mixing studies and flow visualization can be carried out. The lab also houses a 2- shaft Gas Turbine where Power, Torque, Pressure, Temperature measurement and cycle analysis can be performed. The Lab is equipped with a continuous combustion Unit where heat balance studies, exhaust gas composition, effect of fuel and flame stability test can be performed.Since the modern laboratory practices require automation, an on-line data acquisition on computers for all wind tunnel operation and measurement, new instruments, techniques and facilities are also being added to the lab.