Aerospace Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

2017-2018-Second Semester : Course Allocation(02.01.18)
Name17-18-2ndTitle of Course
Sudhir Kamle AE684A
Aircraft Materials and Processes Experiments in Aerospace Engineering - I
C Venkatesan AE678A Theory of Vibrations
C.S. Upadhyay New Course Theroy of Thin Structures
Rajesh Kitey AE351A [I-3]
Experiments in Aerospace Engineering-II Aerospace Structure Analysis II
P.M. Mohite AE681A Composite Materials
Abhishek AE660A
Preliminary Design of Helicopter Mechanics of Solids
Pritam Chakaraborty AE675A
Introduction to Finite Element Methods Mechanics of Solids
G.M. Kamath AE462A Aircraft Design II
P.D. Mangalgiri (Visiting Professor) AE693A Aircraft Structural Integrity
T.K. Sengupta AE604A
Computational Fluid Mechanics Transition and Turbulence
E Rathakrishnan AE696A Instrumentation, Measurements and Experiments in Fluids
Sanjay Mittal AE211A Aerodynamics I
Kamal Poddar AE251A(I-1)
Experiments in Aerospace Engineering - I Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation
Debopam Das AE351A [I-2]
Experiments in Aerospace Engineering II Aeromodelling Design and Fabrication
Rakesh K Mathpal AE608A Heat Transfer in Aerospace Applications
A.C. Mandal AE621A Turbulence
Sanjay Kumar TA101(I) Engineering Graphics
Mohd. Ibrahim S AE612A Aerodynamics II
Ashish Tewari AE641A Space Dynamics-I
A.K. Ghosh AE421A
Expts. in Flight Mechanics Aeromodelling Design and Fabrication
Mangal Kothari AE640A Autonomous Navigation Systems
Raghavendra P K AE322A Flight Mechanics II
S. Saderla AE648A Flight Stability & Control
D.P. Mishra AE662A Rocket Engine Design
A Kushari AE666A
AE351A [I-1]
Combustion Diagnostics
Experiments in Aerospace Engineering II
Ashoke De AE658A Numerical Modeling of Chemically Reacting Flows
Sathesh Mariappan AE694A Acoustics in Fluids
Vaibhav Arghode AE667A Nano-particle Aerosol Dynamics
Ajay Vikram Singh AE341A Aerospace Propulsion
B. Tech Project
B. Tech Project III

Note : I-Instructor, T-Tutor