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The IIT Kanpur recognizes and promotes excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities through institution and award of various types of scholarships, prizes, and medals. The Senate Scholarships and Prizes Committee (SSPC), a standing sub-committee of the Academic Senate of IIT Kanpur, is entrusted with this responsibility. The primary function of the SSPC is selecting students for various types of awards, scholarships, medals, and prizes within the criteria and norms approved by the Academic Senate for such awards. Other responsibilities of the SSPC include institution of new awards, scholarships, prizes, and medals; facilitate application of IIT Kanpur students for various external scholarships available for them.

The members of SSPC include Dean of Students' Affairs (DOSA), Head, Institute Counseling Service, Chairperson, Academic Programme Evaluation Committee (APEC), four other faculty members nominated to SSPC by the Senate Nominations Committee (SNC), and three student members nominated to SSPC by the Students' Senate (SS). The Chairperson of the SSPC is elected from among the faculty members of the SSPC. The tenure of the SSPC for a particular Academic Year (AY) normally runs from 01 October to 30 September of the following year.

Dates for announcement and submission of applications for various scholarships can be found here: Calendar for Awards and Scholarships

Those interested in instituting new award or scholarship may kindly contact the Dean of Resources and Alumni Affairs at dora[AT]iitk.ac.in