MCM Scholarship



Merit-cum Means (MCM) Scholarships

The Institute gives Merit-cum-Means (MCM) Scholarships to meritorious and needy students. The details of the MCM scholarships available and the criteria used for selection are provided below. These criteria were approved in the 487th (2015-16/8th) meeting of Academic Senate held on 23-24 May 2016 and earlier meetings.

An undergraduate (UG) student in the 4-year, 5-year, or 2-year M.Sc. program can receive the MCM scholarship subject to the following criteria/conditions:

  1. Up to 25% of the students in a batch may be awarded the MCM scholarship. From the total number of MCM Scholarships available in each batch, 20% shall be reserved for students belonging to the SC/ST category. The SC/ST students are not to be compared with the GN/OBC students.

  2. The MCM scholarships unutilized in a batch may be transferred to another batch. Similarly, the MCM scholarships unutilized in SC/ST category may be transferred to other category students.

  3. A student should have a CPI of 6.5 or above to be eligible to receive full MCM scholarship (freeship + pocket allowance). If the CPI of a student falls below 6.5 (but remains above 6.0), then the pocket allowance is withdrawn.

  4. For the first year UG students, common JEE-AIR or marks obtained will be used for awarding the MCM scholarship.

  5. A student must not have had 'F' grade(s) in one or more courses in the last two regular semesters to receive the MCM scholarship.

  6. Total Family Annual Income (TFAI) of the student from all sources should be less than 6.0 lacs.

  7. The student must not be getting any other scholarship either from IIT Kanpur or from any other external sources.