Sports Scholarships



Sports Scholarships/Prizes

 The Institute gives prizes and scholarships its students based on their achievements in the field of athletics and sports.  The details of the prizes and sports scholarships available at IIT Kanpur and the criteria used for selection of students are provided in the table below.


                                                     List of Sports Scholarships/Prizes


S. No.





Winners of medals in Inter-IIT sports meets shall be given prizes as follows:

Individual Events
Gold Medal Winner:     Rs. 3,000/-
Silver Medal Winner:    Rs. 2,000/-
Bronze Medal Winner:  Rs. 1,000/-

Team Events
Gold Medal: Rs. 1,000/- to each team member
Silver Medal: Rs. 750/- to each team member
Bronze Medal: Rs. 500/- to each team member



A maximum of 20 scholarships per year in the amount of Rs. 1,000/- per month for 9 months are to be given to IIT Kanpur students who show:

  1. Leadership in sports related activities on campus leading to development, growth and increased participation in various sporting activities.
  2. Excellence in sports, as shown by performance in Inter-IIT and other external sports meets.


Lists of Sports Scholarship for 2018-19


Lists of Sports Prizes for 2018-19