FBM Scholarship



Free-Basic-Mess (FBM) Scholarship

The Institute gives Free-Basic-Mess (FBM) Scholarships to needy students. The details of the FBM scholarships available at IIT Kanpur and the criteria used for selection are provided below.

  1. The students belonging to SC/ST categories only are eligible to receive the FBM scholarship.

  2. The undergraduate (UG) students in the 4-year, 5-year, or 2-year M.Sc. programs only are eligible to receive the FBM scholarship.

  3. The student must NOT be getting any other scholarship either from IIT Kanpur or from any other external source(s). A student can avail ONLY ONE scholarship at a time.

  4. Total Family Annual Income (Gross Income) of the student from all sources should be less than 4.5 lacs.

  5. A student must apply for the FBM scholarship on the prescribed application form before the last date for submitting the application form