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Course Name Course Coordinator Name
Aerospace Engineering
Composite Materials Dr. P.M. Mohite
Flight vehicle System Identification Dr. A.K. Ghosh
Fundamentals of Combustion Dr. D.P. Mishra
Introduction to Air-breathing Propulsion Dr. A. Kushari
Chemical Engineering
Advanced Thermodynamics Dr. P.A. Apte
Fluid Mechanics Dr. Raghvendra Singh
Mechanics of Soft Materials Dr. A. Ghatak
Plantwide Control of Chemical Processes Dr. Nitin Kaistha
Bio-inorganic Chemistry-metalloproteins and their synthetic analogues Prof. S. Sarkar
Mathematics for Chemistry Dr. Nisanth N. Nair
Physical Organic Chemistry Dr. JN Moorthy and Dr. R. Sankararaman(IIT Madras)
Civil Engineering
Concrete Technology Dr. Sudhir Misra
Ground Improvement Techniques Dr. Nihar Ranjan Patra
Computer Science and Engineering
Algorithmic Game Theory Dr. Anil Seth
Bioinformatics Prof. Somenath Biswas,Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya,Prof. Harish Karnick
Indexing and Searching Techniques in Databases Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya
Mobile Computing Dr. R. K. Ghosh
Parallel Computer Architecture Dr. Mainak Chaudhuri
Program Optimization for Multi-core Architectures Prof. Sanjeev K Aggarwal,Dr. Mainak Chaudhuri,Prof. Rajat Moona
Software Architecture and Design Prof. T.V. Prabhakar
VLSI Testing Prof. Ajai Jain
Electrical Engineering
A.C. to D.C. Power Converters Prof. Avinash Joshi
Power Electronic Applications in Power Systems Dr. P. Sensarma
Switched Mode Power Conversion Dr. P. Sensarma
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Digital Video Signal Processing Prof. Sumana Gupta
Semiconductor Optical Communication Components and Devices Dr. Utpal Das
Simulation of Communication Systems Dr. Adrish Banerjee
Structures and Methods in Communications and Signal Processing Prof. Govind Sharma
Humanities and Social Sciences
Abnormal Psychology Prof. Shikha Dixit
Basic Psychological Processes Prof. Lilavati Krishnan,Dr. Braj Bhushan
Biological Bases of Behavior Dr. Braj Bhushan
Communication Skills Dr. T. Ravichandran
Ethics Dr. Vineet Sahu
Game Theory for Economists Dr. Sarani Saha
International Economics Dr. Somesh K. Mathur
Introduction to Human Rights Theory and Practice Dr. Munmun Jha
Introduction to Linguistics Prof. Achla M. Raina
Micro Economics Dr. Vimal Kumar
Philosophy of Science Dr. A.V. Ravishankar Sarma
Population and Society Dr. A.K. Sharma
Psychology and Social Issues Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya
Rural and Urban Sociology Dr. A. Chakrabarti
Social Psychology Dr. Kumar Ravi Priya
Translation Studies and Theory Dr. Mini Chandran
Visions of Happiness and Perfect Society Dr. A K Sharma
Industrial and Management Engineering
Advanced Design of Experiments for Engineers and Managers Dr. Deepu Philip
Computer Aided Decision Support Systems (CADSS) Dr. Deepu Philip
Corporate Finance Dr. B.V. Phani
Commercial Banking Credit Risk Modeling & Management Dr. B.V. Phani
Entrepreneurial Finance Dr. B.V. Phani
Infrastructure Project Financing Dr. Anoop Singh
Introduction to Stochastic Processes and its Applications Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta
Investment Valuation and Real Options Dr. Anoop Singh
Management Decision Analysis Dr. Raghu Nandan Sengupta
Management Research Methodology Prof. Narendra K Sharma
Options & Futures Dr. B.V. Phani
Mathematics and Statistics
An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics Prof. P. Chandra,Prof. Rathish Kumar,Prof. S. Ghorai
Calculus of Variations and Integral Equations Prof. D. Bahuguna,Dr. Malay Banerjee
Discrete Mathematics Prof. A.K. Lal,Dr. N. Nilakantan
Mathematical Logic Prof. Mohua Banerjee
Mathematical Modeling Prof. Sunita Gakkhar,Prof. P. Chandra,Prof. Rathish Kumar,Prof. Debasis Kundu
Numerical Solution to ODE Dr. M. K. Kadalbajoo
Ordinary Differential Equations Prof. V. Raghavendra
Probability and Statistics Prof. Debasis Kundu,Prof. Neeraj Misra
Spectral Theory of Linear Operators Prof. Manjul Gupta,Prof. Sudipta Dutta
Theory of Point Estimation Dr. Amit Mitra,Dr. Sharmishtha Mitra
Mechanical Engineering
Computational Fluid Dynamics Dr. Gautam Biswas
Continuum Mechanics Dr. Sumit Basu
Engine Combustion and Emission Dr. B.P. Pundir
Optical Measurement Techniques in Thermal Sciences Dr. K. Muralidhar,Dr. P.K. Panigrahi
Principal of Vibration Control

Dr. A.K. Malik, Dr. Bishakh Bhattacharya

Metallurgy and Material Science
Electroceramics Dr. Ashish Garg
Fuel Refractory and Furnaces Dr. S. C. Koria
Materials and Heat Balance in Matellurgical Process Dr. S. C. Koria
Metallurgical Kinetics Dr. Ashish Garg
Steelmaking Dr. S. C. Koria
Introduction to Colloid and Interface Science and Engineering Prof. A. Sharma
Introduction to Nano-Science and Technology Prof. S. Sarkar
Nano-machines: from natural to artificial Prof. D. Chowdhury






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