Radio Jockeying Summer Course      

After a long time waiting this year IITK FM Radio Cell organized a 15 day summer course on Radio Jockeying (16th may to 31st may 2012). The course covered major technical and creative skills involved in Radio Jockeying as under:

1. Knowing your Voice, Pronunciation and Articulation.
2. Writing Radio Scripts.
3. Presentation techniques including Anchoring, News Reading etc.
4. Technical skills such as sound editing, familiarity with equipment etc.

The course was taken by a number of professionals from training institutes all over the country as well as RJ's from reputed FM channels:

1. Mr. Vijay Banerjee : He has a great experience in the radio communication sector which stems from his having worked with All India Radio unit for many years. He is Assistant director of All India Radio, Luckhnow.

2. Mr.Mobin Ahmed Khan: He is presently the Transmission Executive, External Service Division, New Delhi and has a vast expertise in outdoor and community related

3. Mr. Anupam Pathak: He is also a veteran in the field of radio presentation and is currently is an integral part of All India Radio.

4. RJ Prabhakar Gupta : He is a dynamic anchor working with Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM and will be focusing on how to develop the voice of an RJ and get the much needed spontaneity that is essential to the making of a great RJ.

5. RJ Garima Pathak : The bubbly anchor of 98.3 Radio Mirchi will be here these summers to interact with the students and throw light on the dynamics of RJing, along with the personality traits that make a perfect RJ.

Although there was a huge response but only first 60 people were taken for the course. The course included both lectures and daily lab sessions. All the students who completed the course and successfully did a projecton show designing, script writing, sound recording and editing were awarded a "Certificate in Radio Jockeying (CRJ)". At the end of the course a group dinner and awarding ceremony was also organized.Dr. A.K. Ghosh (Dean of Student Affairs, IIT Kanpur ),Dr. ManindraAgrawal (Dean,Resource Planning and Generation), Dr. Satyaki Roy (Head, Media Technology Centre), AmitTripathi (Station Manager, IITK Community Radio FM 90.4)were the main guests in the closing ceremony.DivyanshuArya and ArunKnawat (Undergraduate Students of IIT Kanpur) were the student head of organizing committee of this course.


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