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Since the beginning of time, the concept of communication has been seen to exist in ancient cave paintings and writings. Such ingenious channels have evolved over the passing years and the term media has gained so much precedence over the generations that now it is considered as a separate branch altogether. That we have come a long way is reiterated day in and day out by the presence of different technologies that we take so much for granted and now the entire world is just a click away.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, is one of the premier institutes established in 1959, by the Government of India, funded by MHRD. The aim of the institute is to provide leadership in technological innovation for the growth of the country. The need of the hour was to have a media technology centre in order to deal with the rapid pace of growth in technological knowledge and frequent paradigm shifts in technology.

This requires a vast and diverse infrastructure and IIT Kanpur has taken the initiative of developing a Media Technology Centre. This entire infrastructure is of no avail unless there is efficient and responsible management and maintenance. The Media Technology Centre ensures that the faculty, staff, and students utilize the facility provided by the centre and takes an active interest in the growth of information and technology.

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