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Connexions with Community at 90.4

The IITK Radio is a type of radio meant to serve people; a radio that encourages expression and participation and that values local culture. It is a not-for-profit community radio. It caters to the needs and interests of the community within and outside the campus with the coverage area of around 10-15 km.

The main purpose is to connect the campus with its voice and with the unheard voices of the neighbouring community. It is a unique platform for all the members of the community to share their talents, voice their opinions and also to connect with each other.

Our radio is just not limited to the campus community. We are trying to reach out to the surrounding community as well that includes several villages like Lodhar, Kukradev, Nasaniya, Singhpur, Kursauli, Nankari, Ratanpur, Maqsoodabad, Singhpur, Barasurohi and many more. We have already aired some programs featuring voices from Jan Chetna Manch, Nankari; Apna School for migrant labourers; Swami Vivekanand Vidyalaya, Lodhar.

Our Mission

Social development of the area by focusing on relevant social issues
Give voice to the voiceless
Provide access to information to villagers
Provide a platform to students and the community at large to exploit the potential of this creative media
Begin the process of creating a virtual audio repository of the Institute and its people in the form of a verbal history

Nature of Programs

As the Community Radio is intended to bring about social and economic development, the programs must be highly informative, entertaining yet very interesting. The challenge is the diverse nature of the user group. The focus is on highlighting relevant social issues, sharing the latest information with the community and providing a platform to the community to express their opinions, problems and explore their own creative potentials.

An array of programs has been developed and aired on Community Radio.These include Interviews of dynamic personalities, Musical Renditions, Storytelling Sessions, Yoga and Naturopathy and many more.




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