India has a huge demand for scientific and technical education .There are a large number of universities and technical education .

Meaningful growth of an institute depends on the kind of commitment it has made to the society at large. Benefits of academic excellence cannot remain restricted to the boundaries of the academic wall.

Knowledge grows faster when shared. As part of our social responsibility, we want to share our expertise with fellow academic institutions across the country and abroad . The NPTEL is an initiative of the MHRD to promulgate quality education among the engineering colleges of the country through the video and web based learning material in some of the popular disciplines. This aims to bring technological and scientific knowledge to almost everyone's doorstep.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development wants to monitor the standard of engineering education in many colleges where well trained faculty members are not available in many subjects. The task is bivalent in nature. On one hand ,the standards of colleges are to be uplifted, while on the other hand the courses have to be acceptable to the end users. Seven IIT's and IISc Bangalore are the major players in this endeavour.



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