Project Cost

  • At IIT Kanpur, any project with the industry partner is carried out by a specific team comprising of competent faculty members, research and support stuff.

  • Cost of any industry project includes the man power charges, usage fees of equipment and that of any utility, expenditure for consumables, institution overhead and consultancy fee.

  • The manpower component of the cost is calculated based on mutually agreed man-hours to be spent for the project and the man-year salary of (a) a post doctoral fellow and (b) a support staff.

  • The institute overhead is typically calculated as 30% of the sum of above cost.

  • Any equipment and any specific consumable (beside regular laboratory consumables) are purchased after mutual agreement with the industry partner and the price is added to the above cost.

  • Any equipment or consumable, procured for an industry sponsored project and left out after end of it, is either transferred to the industry partner or is continued to be used in PI's laboratory on the basis of mutual understanding.

  • A consultancy fee is charged based on the man hour to be spent by the faculty member.

  • IIT Kanpur prefers commitment of fund for the project for an extended period of time, e.g. 3 years but partial payment of project following successful periodic review of the research progress.


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