Workshop Overview

The Workshop in the department enable students to easily prototype their products, allowing them to easily and simply analyze the design in detail. With full color prototyping ability, students can also create final prototypes with a high level of finish suited for display. To further complement the product design studies, the lab is equipped with a 3D Scanner, that help scan a physical three dimensional model into a virtual 3D Model. This allows student to scan forms and objects into 3D model that can be used for form analysis, product detailing and wide array of other possibilities.

Avilable Facilities

  • 3-D printers: Zprinter650 and Raise 3D-pro
  • CNC cutting machine
  • Laser marking and etching machine
  • Lathe, milling, drilling, and grinding machines
  • Sheet metal shear machine
  • Laser cutting machine
  • Leather stitching, and component splitting machine
  • Plant for phosphating, anodizing, and zinc plating
  • A robust suite of large number of hand operated tools
  • Hot Wire foam Cutter

Our Staff