TRON: Mechatronics Design Studio

TRON Overview

The mechatronics design studio in the department provides the necessary facility to build a product that requires electronic support or mechatronic device. The facility is equipped with SOTA and commercially off-the-shelf sensors, actuators and development boards.

PI: Gowdham Prabhakar

Avilable Facilities

  • RPS, Oscilloscope, Function Generators, Multimeters
  • Electronic components (Discrete and Integrated)
  • Single – Board Computers (Arduino, RPi)
  • Sensor modules
  • Motors, gears, mechanisms
  • Electronic Workbench
  • PCB printing and Etching
  • Cordless hammer drill, disk cutter, screw driver, toolkit box
  • Computers with licensed electronic and PCB/CAD tools

Our Staff