Metrology and Reverse Engineering

The Department of Design is centered around our students. Our students learn by doing, through experimentation, and through collaboration. They focus on innovation and on bringing new, practical, and cool ideas to the table. Our academic programs help them emerge as designers who can provide design-leadership by conceptualizing and developing meaningful solutions for industrial and societal problems. We want our students to be the best in the world. Thus, we are always exploring creative ways to enhance our academic programs so that our students' quality and research output is of world-class level. Toward this we work on enhancing our students' capabilities along several dimensions; ability to conduct research and innovate, creativity and ideation, critical analysis, prototyping, decision making, and leadership.

Our curriculum is multifaceted as well. It draws in knowledge from all areas relevant to a designer; design- thinking, science and technology, user experience, communication, business logic, and sustainability.

Avilable Facilities

  • Steinbichler 3D Scanner system
  • Double pole height gage
  • An entire suite of micrometres
  • vernier callipers
  • other metrology equipment
  • Three-point internal micrometer

Our Staff