HIVE: Harmony, Interaction, and Versatile Exploration Lab

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The HIVE (Harmony, Interaction, and Versatile Exploration) Lab in the department provides necessary facility to build a product and enable interaction by human users. It focuses on Human Machine/Computer Interaction research in the domains of Automotive, Robotics, Music, AR/VR and accessibility. The facility is equipped with SOTA sensors, actuators, trackers and simulators.

PI: Gowdham Prabhakar

Avilable Facilities

  • AR/VR Headsets – Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 3
  • Gaming Workstation PC – RTX4070Ti, i7-13th Gen, 32GB, 3TB
  • Driving Simulator – Logitech
  • Flight Simulator – Thrustmasters
  • Robots – TurtleBot3, Tortoise bot
  • Computer Vision sensors – Depth cameras, LIDAR
  • Eye Trackers – Tobii Pro Glasses 3, Tobii Eye tracker 5
  • Body motion tracker – Kinect V2, Leapmotion
  • Single Board Computer – NVIDIA Jetson Nano, RaspberryPi 4B, Arduino, Seeduino
  • Displays – SONY 4K 55”, SONY 4K 65”, LG QHD 24”, Holographic LED Fan Display
  • Projectors – BENQ 4K
  • 3D printer – Creality Ender 5 Plus
  • NAS – Asustor 20 TB
  • Computers – Alienware m15 R7, IdeaPad Flex 5i Touch, Mac Studio

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