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Winter school on Physical Geodesy & its applications

Workshop on the design, development and applications of satellite gravimetry.

(February 15-24, 2021)

Geodesy for Senior level Survey of India (SOI)
Short term Course

(19-30 July 2021)

Computing Techniques for Urban Mobility and Smart Parking

Lecture Series under Sparc

(28-30 Jan 2021)

Short Term Course on Introduction to GNSS and Its Applications

Last Date of Online Application: 30 October 2021

The present and future of Satellite Gravimetry

Workshop on the design, development and applications of Satellite Gravimetry.

(November 18-20, 2020)


Introduction of VLBI Technique for Geodetic Applications in India

 (March 3 - 4, 2020)

The workshop will be led by Prof. Harald Schuh, Director, Department of Geodesy, GFZ, Potsdam, Germany.


Geospatial Technologies for Smart Cities and Urban Mobility 

(January 20 - 28, 2020)

The workshop is led by  Prof. Stephan Winter, The University of Melbourne, Australia

Autumn School on Physical Geodesy and Its Applications 

(October 14 -24, 2019)

The school was conducted mainly by Prof. Will Featherstone, Curtin University, Australia.

Inauguration function of the National Centre of Geodesy

(September 7, 2019)