Distinguished Honorary Professor


Prof. V. K. Saraswat

Aerospace Engineering
Term from 18.04.17 to 17.04.20


Dr. Tapan Kumar Ghoshal

Aerospace Engineering
Term from 26.03.18 to 30.11.19


Dr. Hira Lal Koul

Mathematics and Statistics
Term from 07.01.19 to 14.07.19


Visiting Faculty


Maj. Gen. Dr. B. Nagarajan

Civil Engineering
Term from 28.04.14 to 28.05.20


Dr. Prakash D Mangalgiri

Aerospace Engineering
Term from 28.12.16 to 25.12.19


Dr. Takashi Takahara

Humanities and Social Sciences
Term from 02.04.18 to 30.03.19


Dr. Anol Bhattacherjee

Industrial and Management Engineering
Term from 01.01.19 to 31.05.19


Dr. Bankey Behari Agrawal

Materials Science and Engineering
Term from 04.02.19 to 03.02.20


Distinguished Visiting Professor


Dr. Adi Adimurthi

Mathematics and Statistics
Term from 01.08.18 to 14.07.19