Distinguished Honorary Professor


Prof. S. K. Tandon

Earth Sciences
Term from 25.01.16 to 24.01.19


Visiting Faculty


Maj. Gen. Dr. B. Nagarajan

Civil Engineering
Term from 28.04.14 to 28.05.18


Dr. Philose Koshy

Humanities and Social Sciences
Term from 12.06.14 to 11.06.17


Dr. Kailash Chand Gupta

Centre for Environmental Science Engineering
Term from 16.10.15 to 15.10.17


Dr. Om Pal Singh

Nuclear Engineering and Technology Programme
Term from 11.07.16 to 10.07.17


Dr. Martin Horsch

Chemical Engineering
Term from 08.12.16 to 07.12.17


Dr. Prakash D Mangalgiri

Aerospace Engineering
Term from 28.12.16 to 25.12.17