Adjunct Professor


Dr. Arun P. Sinha, IME
term from 17.08.2015 to 16.08.2018


Dr. Prashant Kumar Bhattacharya, ChE
term from 22.02.2016 to 21.02.2018

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Dr. Nibir Mandal, ES
term from 06.04.2016 to 05.04.2018



Dr. H. R. Yadav, CE
term from 24.03.2017 to 05.03.2019


Dr. Jayanta Chatterjee, IME
term from 27.03.2017 to 26.03.2019


Dr. Arvind Lodaya, DP
term from 31.07.2017 to 12.04.2019


Dr. Ansuman Banerjee, CSE
term from 04.08.2017 to 02.04.2019


Dr. Amit Bhattacharjee, MSE
term from 05.09.2017 to 04.09.2018


Dr. Jhumkee Sengupta Iyenger, DP
term from 01.09.2017 to 31.08.2018


Dr. Om Prakash, DP
term from 05.10.2017 to 12.04.2019


Dr. Shailendra Singh, DP
term from 21.10.2017 to 12.04.2019


Dr. Shashank M. Vaidya, CE
term from 14.09.2017 to 05.03.2019


Dr. Nisheeth K. Vishnoi, CSE
term from 21.12.2017 to 02.04.2020


Dr. Surendra Kumar, AE
term from 08.02.2018 to 17.12.2019