Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

List Of Ongoing Projects In Chemistry Department

Sl No.Project TitleExpiry DatePrincipal InvestigatorFunding Agency
1. J C Bose Fellowship 9/7/2018 Manas K Ghorai DST
2. J C Bose Fellowship 12/31/2018 V K Singh DST
3. CSIR Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award 1/29/2030 J Narasimha Moorthy CSIR
4. J C Bose Fellowship 6/30/2017 Shridhar R Gadre DST
5. J C Bose Fellowship 6/30/2018 Y D Vankar DST
6. CSIR Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award 6/24/2031 Sandeep Verma CSIR
7. Complex Bioinspired Systems 10/31/2017 Sandeep Verma DAE
8. J C Bose Fellowship 6/30/2018 Amalendu Chandra SERB
9. J C Bose Fellowship 6/30/2018 Sandeep Verma SERB
10. Inspire Faculty Award 10/31/2018 Sabuj Kumar Kundu DST
11. Development Of Highly Selective Chemosensors For Cost-Effective Detection And Estimation Of Biologically And Environmentally Important Metal Ions 3/31/2017 Pratik Sen INSA
12. Development Of Novel Fluorination Reactions Employing Fluoride Ion As The Fluorine Source 5/27/2017 Anand Singh BRNS
13. Synthesis, Structure And Properties Of Half-Sandwich Metal Alkylidine And Related Complexes And Their Application In Catalysis 5/27/2017 Basker Sundararaju BRNS
14. Porphyrin Dimers As Model Of Di-Heme Proteins:Inorganic And Bioinorganic Perspectives And Consequences Of Heme-Heme Interactions 6/1/2017 Sankar P Rath SERB
15. N - Heterocyclic Carbene (Nhc) Stabilized Metal Alkoxides/Aryloxides: Potential Precursor For The Preparation Of Heterobimetallic Oxides 7/31/2017 Anantharaman Ganapathi SERB
16. Synthesis Of Hydrolytically Stable Metal Organic Frameworks By Control Of Inner Surface Hydrophobicity 6/22/2017 Sabuj K Kundu DST
17. Small Rings In The Synthesis Of Tetrahydropyrans And Piperidines 9/30/2017 Veejendra K Yadav CSIR
18. Enantioselective Total Synthesis Of Antimalarial Flindersia Alkaloids 10/30/2017 Dattatraya H Dethe SERB
19. Development Of New Synthetic Routes For Biologically Important N-Heterocycles Via Sn2-Type Ring-Opening/Domino Ring Opening Cyclization(Droc) Of Aaziridines And Azetidines 12/31/2017 Manas K Ghorai CSIR
20. Chemical Fixation Of Carbon Dioxide: Greener Methodologies In The Synthesis Of Valuable Compounds 12/31/2017 Sabuj K Kundu CSIR
21. J.C. Bose Fellowship 6/14/2020 J Narasimha Moorthy SERB
22. Ultrasensitive Thermal Spectrometer With Molecular Size And Mass Sensitivity 7/30/2017 Debabrata Goswami STC
23. Solvent Free Asymmetric Alphachlorination Of Carbonyl Compunds And Oxidative Desymmetrization Reaction With Chiral Ibxs With Mechanochemical Ball Milling 7/31/2018 J Narasimha Moorthy SERB
24. Biomimetics Of Acireductone Dioxygenase Through Model Nickel And Iron Complexes. 8/31/2018 Raja Angamuthu SERB
25. Hydrogenation,Dehydrogenation And Dehydrogenative Coupling 9/6/2018 Jitendra Bera DST
26. Probing Surface Plasmon Mode Hybridization And Local Electromagnetic Field Distribution In Metal Nanoantennas Using Single-Particle Level Spectroscopy 9/30/2018 Manabendra Chandra CSIR
27. Enantoselective Synthesis Of Isoindolinones And Tetrahydroisoquinolines. 9/30/2018 V K Singh SERB
28. Stereoselective Syntheses Of Biologically Important Aza,Carba And Oxacyclic Compounds Via Enolate Anions And Dianions 10/7/2018 Manas K Ghorai DST
29. Development Of Novel Visible Light Promoted Transformations 10/9/2018 Anand Singh SERB
30. Water Soluble Transition Metal Complexes:Synthesis And Catalysis 10/14/2018 Sabuj K Kundu SERB
31. Controlling Electronic Switching In Organo-Metallic Molecular Patterns At Solid-Liquid-Interface Using Scanning Electrochemical Tunneling Microscopy 11/4/2018 Thiruvancheril G Gopakumar DST
32. Mechanism Of Antibiotic Resistance By Class-C Beta Lactamase And Ndm-1 12/3/2018 Nisanth N. Nair DBT
33. Fist 2015 12/7/2020 Sandeep Verma DST
34. Synthesis Of Marine Natural Products Hapalindoles And Their Analogues For Sar Studies 1/26/2017 Dattatraya H Dethe MoES
35. Stereoisomers Of New Dipicolylamine Complexes From Multi-Component One-Pot Reactions:Isolation And Post Synthetic Modification Transmetallation And Bioinspired Hydrogen Production Catalysis. 1/31/2019 Raja Angamuthu SERB
36. Research On Metal Organic Framework (Mofs):Searching Of Paradigms For Selective And Reversible Hydrogen Storage At Ambient And Near Ambient Temperatures. 1/31/2019 Sabuj K Kundu MNRE
37. Bifunctional Approach To Small Molecule Activation : Towards Sustainable Processes And Products 3/31/2021 Jitendra Bera DAE
38. Cobalt Catalysed C-H Bond Functionalization 6/13/2019 Basker Sundararaju SERB

DST: Department of Science and Technology

DBT: Department of Biotechnology

SERB: Science and Engineering Research Board

DAE: Department of Atomic Energy

MoES: Ministry of Earth Sciences

MNRE: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy

CSIR: Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

INSA: Indian National Science Academy