Simulation and Modeling Software


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ABAQUS is a suite of powerful engineering simulation program, based on the finite element method that can solve problems ranging from relatively simple linear analysis to the most   challenging nonlinear simulation.


<host name>-- akash1 and akash2,


Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $abaqus -cae



COMSOL multiphysics is an Engineering, Design and Finite element analysis software environment for modeling and simulation of any physics-based system.

<host name>-- appserver 


            Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $comsol -ckl


MSC Patran/Nastran

This is product design model builder, an environment simulator, a finite element analysis manager and a numerical results interpreter all in one.


<host name>-- aatish

Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $patran



This is used for simulation, visualization and analysis of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer, and chemical reactions.


<host name> -- aatish ,



             Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $fluent




ILOG cplex

Interactive optimizer 9.0.0 with Simplex, Mixed Integer and Barrier optimizer.


<host name>-- falaq ,



           Usage:-After following Common Commands just run $cplex




Hyperworks is the design Simulation and optimization software suite. Altair hyperworks is a highly integrated framework of engineering tools. Hyperworks provides a complete open architecture CAE toolset to create and develop innovative products faster.


<host name>-- falaq ,



             Usage:-After following Common Commands just run $hm


Mathematical Package



Mathematica introduces important extensions to the Mathematica system, especially in scope and scalability of numeric and symbolic computation. Building on the core language and extensive algorithm knowledge base of Mathematica, Version 7 introduces a new generation of advanced algorithms for a wide range of numeric and symbolic operations.


<host name>--  mathserver 

Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $mathematica



MATLAB is an integrated technical computing environment that combines numeric computation, advanced graphics and visualization, and a high-level programming language. New version of Matlab has been installed.


<host name>-- matlab 


Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $matlab



Maple is a commercial computer algebra system.


<host name>-- appserver 

Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $maple

Graphical Package



This is a graphical package used to plot the graphs.


<host name>-- aatish , 

falaq ,


Usage: - After following Common Commands just run $tecplot


Additional Compilers



This is a GNU FORTRAN compiler installed on LINUX machine. This is freely available on the internet.



This is NAGWare FORTRAN compiler. Computer Centre has license for this.


PGI Compiler

This is available in akash1 and akash2.




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