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            MISSION SCOPE & TERM






        Deliverable Part  




The following are included in the scope of projects to be undertaken through the mission:

  • Literature survey, study of existing methodologies.

  • Modeling and the analysis

  • Development of solutions relevant to the project

  • Validating solutions through carefully chosen experiments

  • Design and prototype development of

    • Instrumentation electronics

    • Analysis software

    • Systems including hardware and software for networking,

    • Data acquisition and data analysis

    • Embedded systems where applicable

    • Technology demonstration of the prototype system

    Mass production and deployment is not included in the scope of the projects.



The following assumptions are made:

  • For each of these projects, the detailed specification, expectations and the timeliness need to be evolved in consultation with Indian Railways.

  • The history and necessary data for analyzing the root cause will be provided by Indian Railways.

  • Any details on the existing solutions if any, from other suppliers within the country and outside the country could be provided by Indian Railways.

  • Indian railways will provide all the necessary support both in terms of infrastructure and in terms of manpower for fitment, field trials etc. and specialized equipments as available with them which will be identified for the various projects either for validating the analytical studies or for qualification of the technology demonstrator solutions.

  • Any physical mechanical work involved in integrating solution like assembly of the wheels, sensor mounting on tracks, bridges, harness preparation etc will be done by Indian Railways.

  • Indian Railways are proposing to build a test track exclusively to undertake trials and tests. This track will take some time to build. In the interim, Indian Railways may nominate one main line standard track of at least 50 km length where traffic density is low and blocks may be given (without effecting the revenue carrying passenger and freight traffic), for trials.

DELIVERABLE  PART  OF MISSION                                                                                 

The following are the part of the deliverables of the mission:

  • Study report on the literature study conducted for various causes of the problem.

  • Analysis results for the various causes.

  • Plan for validating the analysis results.

  • Report on validation of the analysis results with experimental data.

  • Specification documents on wheel electronics, track and engine electronics.

  • One set of Prototype units with necessary hardware and software for the technology demonstration purpose.

  • Manuals like User guide, Quick reference guide, Trouble shooting guide for the hardware and the software delivered.