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Indian Railways are the backbone of the country’s economy and an integral part of our social fabric. It is the second largest rail network in the world with a total of 63,000 route kilometres.


Indian Railways run 14,444 trains and carry 14 million passengers and more than a million tons of freight every day. Unlike developed countries Indian Railways operate under vastly challenging circumstances of overcrowding, low cost of travel, longer trains etc. 


The challenges posed in terms of technology development and implementation, are also thus greater and varied and unique in nature. These challenges also provide enormous opportunities for utilisation of available human and technical resources for development of safer and economical Railway network.


India competes with nations of the world in Space, Nuclear and Software Technologies. It is important that Railways’ mammoth technical network be energized through research and development, in order to spur widespread infrastructure and economic development.


This Technology Mission has envisioned such a roadmap.