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  • To develop and adopt state-of- the-art safety and control technologies defined by needs related to Indian conditions. The mission will implement projects aimed at achieving higher throughput, lower cost of transmission and safer train movement.

  • To encourage and initiate R & D activities pertinent to Indian Railways in academic institutions and laboratories and establish convergence and synergy among them.

  • To evolve and establish the academia-research institution-industry consortium approach as a viable and vibrant mission mode of research and development.

  • To disseminate technologies through participatory approach to other application areas




IIT Kanpur and RDSO Lucknow are proposed to be the major collaborators in the mission.
A trident consortium comprising of

(i)   Academic and Research institutions,

(ii)  Railway Organisations and

(ii) Industry is proposed to be formed.

Such a consortium is essential for effective definition and implementation of projects.

The constituents of the consortium will collaborate to bring expertise and will share responsibilities. RDSO is expected to bring domain knowledge and experience to articulate problems and conceptualize projects. Academic institutions like IITs and CSIR laboratories will contribute towards problem analysis, design synthesis and prototype development; the industry is expected to provide inputs relevant for adoption of technology and its commercialization.

In this regard the first meeting of the possible consortium was held at IIT Kanpur on 25th August 2003. The participants in this meeting included Ministry of Railways, New Delhi, RDSO Lucknow, CSIO Chandigarh, TCS Bangalore, BESCO Kolkata, BHEL Hyderabad, New Delhi, Jhansi and Hardwar, BEL Bangalore, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee and IIT Kanpur.

The meeting was followed by further discussions on the technical and administrative scope of the proposal, between the Director General RDSO Lucknow, Senior Officials from the Ministry of Railways, New Delhi and the Director, IIT Kanpur, on September 9, 2003. Further meeting took place between RDSO Lucknow and IIT Kanpur on September 15, 2003 and October 3, 2003 to define the framework of various research and development programs to be undertaken by the mission. Inputs were also received on many issues from the various researchers who participated in the meeting of August 25, 2003.

The first version of the proposal was developed after these discussions.